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The En-Priesthood of Anunnakism

The En-Priesthood serves the Anunnakist Congregation as a ministerial custodian of the teachings of Anunnakism. En-Priests and Priestesses lead the Anunnakist Congregations in all the seasonal rites and rituals, as well as performing all official rites of passage. Members of the En-Priesthood also serve as the administrators and custodians of the Guild Lodges of the Hekal Training System.

The following list outlines the classification of offices within the clergy of the En-Priesthood of Anunnakism.

Offices of the En-Priesthood:

  • Enu - High Priest of a Guild Lodge
  • Entu - High Priestess of a Guild Lodge
  • Urigallu - Ritual Priest/ess of a Guild Lodge
  • Eribbiti - Incantational Priest/ess of a Guild Lodge
  • Masmasu - Purification Priest/ess of a Guild Lodge

A candidate for En-Priesthood must be at least an officially recognized third-level Anunnaki Grade Initiate. For consideration of entry into the En-Priesthood training program the candidate must register and file an application with the governing body of Anunnakism - The Watchers Guild Fellowship. Upon review and approval, the candidate will embark on the traditional 'year-and-a-day' training regimen for the En-Priesthood.
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