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Guild Halls - Anunnakist Congregations

Guild Halls are the basic 'coven' structures of Anunnakism. Guild Halls may be formed by any registered member of the Anunnakist Tradition, and may be dedicated to any God/dess of the Anunnaki Pantheon. Guild Halls may be comprised of groups of individuals or they may be formed by solitary practitioners. Below are listed the present guidelines for Guild Halls.

  • Guild Halls are known as Akitus - Akitu means 'House of the Gods'.
  • Guild Halls are the basic coven structures of the Anunnakist Tradition.
  • Guild Halls may be founded by any person of the Anunnakist Tradition.
  • Guild Halls act as local hubs for networking and fellowship within the Anunnakist Tradition.
  • Guild Halls may either be open to the public, or have a closed membership, dependant upon the wishes of it's founder.
  • Guild Halls DO NOT have to be open-to-the-public forums.
  • Guild Halls usually form from local psychic-study groups or pagan covens, and many Guild Halls focus on their own created rituals and further experimentation within the Anunnakist liturgical forms.
  • Guild Halls have the right to teach the three Anunnakist Grade Levels (Anunna, Anukki, & Anunnaki), but they do not normally have official En-Priests.
  • Guild Halls may become official Guild Lodges (En-Priesthood training lodges) if they have a member of the En-Priesthood amongst their number who is willing to administrate the operation of the En-Lodge
  • In order for a Guild Hall to be officially recognized, it must be registered with the governing body of Anunnakism - The Watchers Guild Fellowship.

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