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80's dj and top ten list One of my hobbies is to listen and collect music, been interested in it since the 80's. Used even to play around with the real hissing and cracking vinyles!

And being busy with RF-electronics and antennas, I sometimes did operate a self-made "unofficial" FM-radio station... (EIRP approx. 200W and in stereo!). That was fun! Any other retired operators out there? Nowadays everything is fucking too digital! (Old fart?!?)

Here you can find a few of my personal favourites, they're on my
I-drive in mp3 format.

Since drive capacity is limited, there are only few songs at a time. I'll be changing them from time to time according to your kind requests from my lists! If you download anything, you must delete it after listening. For listening you'll need a mp3 player, like Winamp etc.
Hooked on 80's R&B and the real vinyles!

The Minneapolis sound was most popular in the early 80's, but Paisley Park and other artists didn't stop producing it after that. Below I have a few links to some of these - at the time quite controversal artists - who together formed the hilarious but at the same time so genious and productive Minneapolis music scene! ; Prince & The Revolution, and all his numerous protegees; Morris Day & The Time, The Family, Alexander O'Neal, Sheila E, Vanity 6, Apollonia 6, Jill Jones, Taja Sevelle, etc.

Other artists I especially would like to mention; Sade, Bangles, Chaka Khan, Donna Summer, Brenda Russel, Randy Crawford, Jacki Graham, Mica Paris, Diana King, Lauryn Hill, Shabba Ranks, Ofra Haza, Scritti Politti, Massive Attack, Moby, M People, Freddie Mercury, Prefab Sprout, Billy Idol, and of course Georgio - "The Lovers Lane"!

And below my big love - The biggest of them all - Miss Jody Watley!
Here's a list of some of the 80's vinyles in my collection.

Since many of these were acquired from Italy, it's a good time to see a related place there,
Baia Imperiale!

And this is what I've got as mp3 - over 10.000 songs, wanna trade?

Last but not least, being an incurable traveller and thus having developed a taste of ethnical music, let me present you my page dedicated to African music including some samples! From these you can get the real Jungle Fever...

collecting 80's vinyles and music

Favorite movies, actors, books... (dedicated page coming soon!)

Movies I highly recommend:

Jackie Brown - Charismatic actors and an amazing soundtrack
Leaving Las Vegas - A Touching story with Nicolas Gage and Elisabeth Shue
Betty Blue - 37.2 Le Matin - Link 1, - Link 2 - A French classic ft. absolutely wonderful music
Jit - Exotic comedy introducing hot Zimbabwean "Jit", see my African Music Pages
The Bounty - Theme by Vangelis at Traveller's last Resort
Scarface - Al Pacino makes a perfect character for this one
The Shining - One of the most intensive horror movies ever made feat. Jack Nicholson
English Patient - A story of eternal love filmed in Tunisian Sahara
High Fidelity - touche!

And the actors; Al Pacino, Nicolas Gage, Angela Basset, Robert DeNiro, Sean Connery, Samuel L. Jackson, Jack Nicholson and Charles Chaplin. mention a few.

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