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The Time
What long-time Prince fan doesn't remember hearing 'Girl' or 'Cool' on the radio in the early 80's and thinking - NEW PRINCE SONG!!!?

Prince's first and perhaps most successful protege band started out with Prince and company writing and recording much of the songs (Prince even sings falsetto as "various girlfriends") and Morris E. Day as frontman. Acting on a promise to bring friends along if he made it, Prince combined smooth R&B grooves, comedy and post-disco cool to create in his words "the only band he was ever afraid of."

The Time was well established long before Purple Rain had every frat guy in America crowing to 'Jungle Love' and 'The Bird' even as the dynamic duo of the Time, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis were making a name for themselves apart from Prince with groups like the SOS Band. Those of us who wondered what the Time would have been like had they stuck together got a chance to find out in 1989 when Prince revisited his rivalry with the band in Graffiti Bridge. In addition to tracks on the soundtrack recorded by Prince, Morris and Jerome during the Corporate World sessions (harking back to the very roots of the band), the entire group reunited for the platinum-selling Pandemonium. This time, everyone had a recognizable role on the record creating what was, perhaps a final tribute album to the band that spelled C-O-O-L.

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