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Prepared by
Iraj Bashiri
Copyright 1998

The Iran Gallery brings you a visual appreciation of various aspects of ancient Iranian culture as they become available. The opening sellection is a delightful look at Persepolis, especailly of its design, construction, and various palaces.

The Gallery includes:

Achaemenian Iran
Sassanian Iran
Julfa of Isfahan
Art of Isfahan (in preparation)

Essays on Iranian Music and Literature
Edited and Translated by Iraj Bashiri:
Shafi'i-Kadkani, M. R., Borbad's Khusravanis-First Iranian Songs
Gulsurkhi, Iraj, Music in the Shahname
Akhavan-Sales, Mehdi, Our Music (In Memory of Sadeq Hedayat)
Huma'i, Jalal, Taj-i Isfahani
Kan'ani, Nasir, Another Look at Traditional Persian Music
Ja'farzada, Khosrow, Contradictory Definitions Stunt the Growth of Persian Music at the International Level
Shajarian, M. R., At the Side of Ustad Davami

World Who's Who of Iranians

Iraj Bashiri, Persian for Beginners
(English Version)
The entire two-volume text is now available in PDF format to download. Tapes for the Tape Manual are also available for download. Click on the link above and it will take you to the index page where you can choose what you want to download!

Iraj Bashiri, Persian for Beginners
(Russian Version)
    Writing System of Persian: NonConnectors Connectors Practice Readings Numerals

    Lesson One
    Lesson Two
    Lesson Three
    Lesson Four

Iraj Bashiri, "Hafiz' Shirazi Turk: A Structuralist's Point of View"

Iraj Bashiri, "Hafiz and the Sufic Ghazal"

Amin Faqiri, Doleful Village

The 1963 White Revolution in Iran changed the lives of Iranian peasants more than any other factor in Iranian history. The bureaucracy, the clergy, the tradespeople, and the dregs of urban society all found their way to the village to bilk the unwary farmers. Amin Faqiri, a devoted member of the Iranian Education Corps, observed the interaction of these elements with his simple, trusty, rustic charges and documented them in hisDoleful Village. Six of his poignant stories are presented here in translation.

Sa'id Sultanpoor, An Eye for an Eye
(a play in six acts)

Iraj Bashiri, Samanid Renaissance and Establishment of Tajik Identity

Iraj Bashiri, Iran and Islam to A.D. 1400

Iraj Bashiri, Muslims or Shamans: Blacks of the Persian Gulf

Hedayat's Corner

Poets' Corner

Iraj Bashiri, The Black Tulip
(English Version, novella, 3rd revised edition )

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