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Moroccan Proverbs                           أمثال مغربية


 */ Most of these proverbs are used in Errachidia region.

  1. [Lahla y'khayyarna f'drar]
    We hope we aren't forced to choose among hurting things   EXPLAIN

  2. [Koul Khanfous 3and 'mou ghzal]
    Every beetle is a gazelle in his mother's eyes   EXPLAIN

  3. [Mal attamma3 kayaklou alkaddab]
    The greedy mans money is taken by the liar   EXPLAIN

  4. ڿ
    [Sh'koun lli kayaghlab attamma3? Alkaddab]
    The liar cheats the greedy   EXPLAIN

  5. [Lli L'3ab m'3a alkalb kayal7aslou shwarbou]
    If you play with the dog, it will lick your lips   EXPLAIN

  6. [Lli dar rasou noukhala kaynaqbouh d'jaj]
    He who chooses to be a grain, the hen will eat him   EXPLAIN

  7. [Al7arth bakri badhab mashri]
    Premature ploughing is gold worth   EXPLAIN

  8. [Lli b'gha la3sal yasbar l'3add n'7al]
    He who wants honey should bear bees' stings   EXPLAIN

  9. [Ma taqlab l'ma ill'ma ou man ba3d l'ma in tdouqou]
    Never pour your water until you get to water and taste it   EXPLAIN

  10. [Ma tadrab 7atta t'qarrab, ou ma tas'hab 7atta t'jarrab]
    Don't shoot till you get nearer and befriend someone till you try him   EXPLAIN

  11. [Lli galla3 l'shi ou 3'ta l'shi kayamshi lallah b'la shi]
    He, who takes from one to give to another, goes to heavens empty-handed   EXPLAIN

  12. [Lli m'sha m3a triq ma idaggou shouk]
    He who follows the right path, thorns will not hurt him   EXPLAIN

  13. [Ma t'dir iddik f'ghiran ma i3addouk 7'nousha]
    Unless you put your hands in holes, snakes wont bite you   EXPLAIN

  14. [Sayyad n'3ama yalgaha, yalgaha]
    The determined ostrich hunter will surely meet one   EXPLAIN

  15. /
    [Lli darha b'yaddih i7alha/ifoukha b'sannih]
    He, who ties it with his hands, must untie it with his teeth   EXPLAIN

  16. /
    [L'san la7lou yarda3 l'biya/Ddib]
    The polite tongue can suck the lioness breast   EXPLAIN

  17. ..
    [Lli 3addak ou ma 3additoush, ma3andak s'enneen]
    He who bites you and you don't bite him in return, you are toothless   EXPLAIN

  18. [Wa7ad rafadha ou wa7ad m'taqla bih]
    One is carrying it; the other is suffering from its heaviness   EXPLAIN

  19. [J'mal ma kayshoufsh la7dib'tou, kayshouf la7dibat sahbou]
    The camel doesn't see his heap; he rather sees that of his friend   EXPLAIN

  20. [L'3ib 3'la jmal ila tla3 lasta7, amma ddik hadik sirtou]
    It is shameful if the camel climbs up the roof, but the coq is used to that   EXPLAIN

  21. ɺ
    [Lamra ghir mra; ma hiya la shams wala gamra]
    The woman is only but a woman. Shes neither a sun nor a moon   EXPLAIN

  22. [Lamra bla w'lad b7al alkhima bla w'tad]
    A childless woman is like a tent without pillars   EXPLAIN

  23. [Ma ta3raf m'3anti ghir banti]
    No one knows my intentions except my daughter   EXPLAIN

  24. [Lli ma3andou M'mou laqbar ighammou]
    He, who is motherless, he is as if dead   EXPLAIN

  25. [Low kant m'rat lab 7'biba, 7atta allaf3a t'koun t'biba]
    If the step-mother were affectionate, the snake would be a healer   EXPLAIN

  26. [D'jaja falmout ou 3inha fan'qib]
    The chicken in agony, her eyes on food   EXPLAIN

  27. [7atta zin ma kh'tatou loula]
    Every beauty has got a defect   EXPLAIN

  28. [Ghaslat d'jaja rajliha, ou n'sat ma fat 3'liha]
    The hen washed its legs and forgot its dirty past   EXPLAIN

  29. [Hatta kh'rouf ma zad b'soufou]
    No lamb has ever been born with its wool on    EXPLAIN

  30. [Jari laqrib khir man khouya lab3id]
    My close neighbour is better than my far brother   EXPLAIN

  31. [Ta7 L'7it 3'la thallou]
    The wall has fallen on its shadow   EXPLAIN

  32. [L'foum l'masdoud ma idakhlou dabban]
    The shut mouth is not accessible to flies   EXPLAIN

  33. [Lakdoub ma 3andou rajlin]
    Lies have got no legs   EXPLAIN

  34. [Lli khaf n'ja]
    Cautious people are safe   EXPLAIN

  35. [Li 3addou l'7ansh kaykhaf man sh'rit]
    He, who has been bitten by a snake, fears the rope   EXPLAIN

  36. [Alma3roud fi n'harou yaglas f'darou]
    He, who has been invited in the day of the ceremony, has better to stay home   EXPLAIN

  37. [F'oujah laktab katbas aljald]
    It is thanks to the holiness of the book that its cover is kissed   EXPLAIN

  38. [Li qal La7'rira barda idir yaddou fiha]
    He, who thinks the soup is cold, hes just to put his hand in   EXPLAIN

  39. [Mathoum b'laqtifa wa l'bard z'wah]
    He is accused of warmth whilst he is dying out of cold   EXPLAIN

  40. [7atta wa7ad ma lgaha kif b'ghaha]
    Nobody has ever lived the way he wished   EXPLAIN

  41. [7atta mash ma h'rab man dar l'3arse]
    No cat has ever fled from a house where a wedding party is held   EXPLAIN