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Gargoyles Timeline


The following is an effort to create one single timeline for all the various events in the Gargoyles Universe. This does not only include the events seen in the series (in black letters), but also all the info provided by the creator of the show, Greg Weisman as given in the "Ask Greg" section of Station 8 (in blue letters). The events in green letters also come from there, from the story "Three Brothers", though many of them are real, historical events. In red are real-life events and myths, shown here for reference and comparison.

Year Event
11 BC Cuchullain is said to have been born this year, in the August.
10 AD A wizard of Caesar Augustus' court (the author of the Grimorum Arcanorum) casts a modesty spell upon the whole gargoyle race, so that their clothes will also turn to stone.
485 Arthur Pendragon, son of Uther and Igraine, is born.
542 King Arthur is sent to Avalon, accompanied by Nimue, Morgana and the Lady of the Lake.
642 Duval founds the Illuminati.
878 The Mentor (later Hudson) is hatched.
888 Maol Chalvim I is born.
912 Duff, son of Maol Chalvim I is born. His mother dies at childbirth.
922 Culen, son of Indulf, is born.
932 Kenneth II, son of Maol Chalvim I is born. His mother also dies at childbirth.
938 Goliath, Demona, Othello (Coldstone), Desdemona (Coldfire), Iago (Coldsteel) and Hyppolyta are all hatched.
946 Robert (later Captain) is born.
954 Maol Chalvim I, king of Scotland dies. Indulf crowns himself king and kidnaps Katharine. Katharine gives birth to Malcolm, third son of Maol Chalvim I.
957 Hakon is born.
958 The Trio is hatched.
962 Indulf loses the throne to Duff, but is granted safe passage to Ireland. Katharine and Malcolm are freed. Maol Chalvim, son of Kenneth II, is born.
966 The Magus is born.
967 Indulf dies. Culen invades Scotland. Kenneth III, son of Duff, is born. Duff is betrayed and killed. Culen wins the kingdom. Katharine dies. Malcolm, Robert, Kenneth II and his extended family flee into Northern England.
971 Constantine III, son of Culen, is born. Robert and Malcolm visit Wyvern Hill and Malcolm makes his alliance with Hudson. Hudson's mate is killed. Kenneth II is crowned king of England. The spin-off "Dark Ages" begins this year.
975 Demona visits her past self, who gets the Phoenix gate, breaks it in two and gives one half to Goliath. Malcolm marries Princess Elena. Xanatos sends to the Illuminati a coin to be delivered to his self a thousand years later.
976 Katharine, daughter of Malcolm, is born.
978 Bronx and True are hatched.
982 Gillecomgain is born.
984 Archmage falls in a pit and is saved by his future self. The Mentor transfers leadership to Goliath.
986 Tom is born.
993 Iago (Coldsteel) deceives Othello (Coldstone) about the relationship between Goliath and Desdemona (Coldfire).
994 September 28th: Tom, Mary and the refugees enter Wyvern Castle. October 1st: Betrayal by Demona and the Captain; massacre of Castle Wyvern. Clan falls under a spell. Demona scars Gillecomgain's face, who vows vengeance. Tom becomes the Guardian. Princess Katherine, Magus, Tom and Mary take the eggs to King Kenneth II.
995 Constantine III murders King Kenneth II and usurps the throne. Maol Chalvim, Finella and the Wyvern refugees flee the kingdom. The Third Race is banished from Avalon. On September 28th, Magus, Tom and Katherine defeat the Weird Sisters and enter it -- the Grimorum is left in the care of Mary and Finella.
997 Kenneth III overthrows Contantine with help from his cousin, Maol Chalvim. Timedancing Brooklyn helps Mary and Finella escape from Constantine, then accidentally transports them to the late 1970s.
1001 Duncan, son of Maol Chalvim's daughter Bethoc and of Crinan, lay abbot of Dunkeld, is born.
1005 Maol Chalvim overthrows his cousin, Kenneth III, and becomes king. Macbeth, son of Findlaech, and grandson of Maol Chalvim II is born.
1020 Gillecomgain, now the Hunter, kills Findlaech at the command of Duncan. Demona saves Macbeth.
1031 Canmore, son of Duncan, is born.
1032 Macbeth and Demona kill Gillecomgain. Macbeth weds Gruoch. Duncan becomes the Hunter.
1033 Luach is born.
1034 Maol Chalvim II dies. His grandson, Duncan, becomes king.
1040 Macbeth and Demona are united by magic. Macbeth gives Demona his youth. On August 14th, Macbeth kills Duncan and becomes king. Canmore is exiled but becomes the Hunter. Macbeth names Demona.
1045 Duncan's father, Crinan, tries to avenge his son's death. He fails and is in turn slain by Macbeth.
1057 Canmore's army attacks Macbeth. On August 15th, Demona betrays Macbeth to Canmore. Canmore stabs Macbeth. Luach becomes king. Macbeth leaves his land taking with him the Hunter's mask.
1058 Canmore slays Luach and becomes king.
1078 In Avalon, the eggs, including Angela, Gabriel, Ophelia and Boudicca hatch.
1093 Canmore dies. Donalbain, his younger brother, becomes king of Scotland.
1136 Geoffrey of Monmouth publishes the 'History of the Kings of Britain' the first major written work to describe the deeds of Arthur.
1470 Sir Thomas Mallory completes Morte d'Arthur.
1495 Demona, while in Florence, has another encounter with a Hunter, who's using a flying machine. She steals the Medici tablets.
1564 Shakespeare is born. Atleast three of his later plays, Macbeth, A Midnight Summer's Dream and The Tempest will contain elements of 'true' events in the Gargoyles Universe.
1580 Rabbi Lowe creates and animates the Golem to protect the city of Prague.
1776 On May 1, Adam Weishaupt founds the Bavarian Illuminati. They will be destroyed by the authorities a few years later. Their connection with Duval's Illuminati is unknown.
1888 Fiona and Jackson Canmore, twin siblings, are born. (They are great-grandchildren of Angus Canmore. Jackson will later become the father of Aron Canmore, father of Charles Canmore.)
1898 Griff, Leo and Una of the London Clan and Kai of the Ishimura Clan are all hatched.
1902 Dominic Dracon is born.
1918 Zafiro and Obsidiana of the Mayan Clan are hatched.
1919 Jack Dane, son of Flo Dane and Mace Malone, is born.
1920 Fiona Canmore and Team Atlantis have an encounter with Demona in Paris. The 'Praying Gargoyle' is shattered but Demona takes the pieces and places them in Notre Dame, to heal.
1928 Halcyon Renard is born.
1924 Mace Malone breaks off his partnership with Dominic Dracon, and sinking into obscurity becomes a secret operative for the Illuminati.
1936 Robbins is born.
1938 Jade and Turquesa of the Mayan Clan and Yama of the Ishimura clan are hatched.
1940 Goliath coming from the future saves Griff's life then brings him to 1995 to reunite him with Leo and Una.
1942 Peter Maza is born.
1946 Diane is born.
1954 'Claw' is born.
1955 David Xanatos is born.
1957 'Wolf' is born.
1958 Sora is hatched. Maria Chavez is born.
1959 Morgan Morgan is born.
1960 Peter Maza leaves his father and tribe in Arizona to go to Manhattan. Harry 'Dingo' Monmouth and Preston Vogel are born.
1962 Brendan and Margot Yale are born.
1963 On September 28th, Vinnie Gregarino is born. So is Greg Weisman.
1964 Matt Bluestone and Jason Canmore are born.
1966 Janine 'Fox' Renard and Robyn Canmore are born.
1968 Elisa Maza, 'Jackal', 'Hyena' and 'Fang' are born. 
1970 Derek Maza and Anthony Dracon are born.
1972 Jon Canmore is born.
1975 David Xanatos receives a coin which is worth twenty thousands dollars. He builds his fortune on it. Beth Maza and Maggie Reeds are born.
1980 Flo Dane dies. Mace Malone attends the funeral. On September 28th, Hunter Charles Canmore is killed by Demona on Notre Dame where she reclaims the 'Praying Gargoyle'.
1991 Anastasia and Renard are divorced.
1994 On October 4th, the Gargoyles reawaken.
1995 On September 28th, Demona summons Puck through Titania's Mirror. Death of the Archmage and Magus. Reawakening of King Arthur. Angela joins Goliath and Elisa.
1996 Oberon and Titania return to Avalon. The Gathering. On July 9th, Alexander Fox Xanatos is born. On September 28th, Xanatos captures Coldstone in the Himalayas. On October 26th, the existence of the Gargoyles is revealed to the public.
1997 Brooklyn is lost in time and returns five minutes and forty years later, with his mate Katana, son Nashville, gargoyle beast Fu-dog, and the yet unhatched egg of Tachi.
1998 Tachi is hatched.
2008 Angela lays her first egg.
2018 Artus is hatched.
2028 Angela lays her second egg.
2038 Gwenyvere is hatched.
2048 Angela lays her third and final egg.
2058 Lancelot is hatched.
2158 Samson of the Manhattan clan, Delilah of the Labyrinth clan, and Zafiro of the Mayan clan are all hatched.
2198 Gargoyles 2198. Abduction of world leaders. The Space-spawn invade and conquer Earth. Samson becomes leader of the resistance.

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