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Gargoyle Clans

Fourteen clans are destined to eventually form the Gargoyle Nation, according to the Master Plan of Greg Weisman.

Eight already existed by the time the series started in 1994: Ancient clans which managed to survive through the centuries, namely the London, Ishimura, Mayan, Pukhan, Xanadu, Loch Ness, New Olympian and Avalon clans.

Another two were formed during the course of the series: the newly awakened Manhattan clan, and the clones in the Labyrinth clan.

Lastly, four new clans would form in the future. Two of them (the refounded Wyvern clan, and the Camelot clan in Antarctica) by 2198, and another two (the Liberty and the Notre Dame clans) in the years that'd follow.

Below, you can find all the information that's been made available for each of these clans.

The London Clan
Location: London, England (an estate on the outskirts of the city)

Physiology: The gargoyles of the London Clan have feathered wings and a great number of them tends to resemble variations of the three major kinds of "heraldic animals": lions, griffins and unicorns.

Information: One of the ancient clans that managed to survive and hide from human persecution. For at least five hundred years the London clans have owned a store named "Into the Mystic" and managed it under the guise of mask-wearing humans. By the year 2198 their enterprises will have grown into a large shopping district in the district of Soho; they will be merchants who will have largely adapted to the ways of humanity.

Named Members:

  • Present Day: Una (Leader), Leo, Griff

The Ishimura Clan
Location: Ishimura, Japan

Information: Another ancient clan which lives in close cooperation and friendship with the humans of Ishimura. For centuries they taught and lived by the code of the Bushido - fighting alongside the Samurai. By the year 2198 this clan (with the help of Guardian Tom) will have formed the "Order of the Guardian"; whose exact role still remains largely unknown but which seems to attract human and gargoyle warriors from around the world.

Named Members:

  • Medieval times: Katana
  • Present Day: Kai (Leader), Yama (Second), Sora (Second)

The Mayan Clan
Location: ChacIxChel, Guatemala (the area around a Mayan pyramid)

Physiology: Some of the gargoyles of this clan exhibit the peculiar characteristic that, instead of legs, their entire lower body resembles that of a snake... Feathered wings can also be a characteristic of the gargoyles here.

Information: Centuries ago a Mayan wizard created the Sun Amulet and four pendants (made of sapphire, obsidian, jade and turquoise) powered by it, which would allow their four wearers to remain awake during the daytime, protecting the clan. Traditionally these four gargoyles bear the name of the material of their corresponding pendant.

This however proved not to be sufficient protection when in the early 1990s the majority of the clan (except the four pendant-holders) was smashed in their sleep. The eggs of the clan (between 20 and 40 of them) have however survived, and so the clan is poised for a comeback in 1998.

Named Members:

  • Present Day: Zafiro (Leader), Turquesa (Second), Obsidiana, Jade
  • Future: Zafiro (2158)

The Pukhan Clan
Location: Pukhan, Korea (a series of caves in the mountains alongside the Pukhan River)

Information: Less interested than many other gargoyle clans in protecting the weak, it's justice, not protection that is this clan's special province. Poetic Justice is indeed an art to them and could even be called their obsession...

Named Members: As yet unknown.

The Xanadu Clan
Location: Xanadu, China

Physiology: The gargoyles of this clan can be said to resemble small dragons (presumably Chinese ones).

Information: Little is known about the history of this clan. It is assumed that they remained hidden in the same way that all of Xanadu has managed to remain hidden - among the rocky mountains of northern China. Nowadays their specialty seems to be breeding gargoyle-beasts, both as companions and as 'guard-dogs'; an invaluable service since without them the gargoyle-beast would probably be doomed to extinction...

Named Members:

  • Ancient Times: Fu-dog

The Loch Ness Clan
Location: Loch Ness, Scotland

Physiology: This clan is quite possibly the most physically distinctive one: They are nearly amphibious with wings that have adapted into large manta-like fins and dolphin-esque lower bodies.

Information: All that is known of this clan so far is that they've helped protect the prehistoric creatures which still dwell in the lake's depths and have been responsible for the many "Loch Ness Monster" sightings since medieval times...

Named Members: As yet unknown.

The New Olympian Clan
Location: Mount Thanatos, New Olympus

Information: Very little is yet known about this gargoyle clan. They departed from Greece (and other mediterannean locations) around the time of the departure of the other New Olympians. But this clan is isolationist even by their island's standards - isolationist even from their fellow New Olympus citizens. The time of their re-emergence into the world may thus come even later than that of the rest of the New Olympians...

Named Members: As yet unknown.

The Avalon Clan
Location: Oberon's Palace, Avalon

Information: One of the two clans whose creation was the direct result of the massacre of Clan Wyvern. The thirty-six gargoyle eggs of the clan were taken to (then empty) Avalon and cared for by Princess Katherine, Guardian Tom and the Magus. They hatched in 1078 AD. After battling the Archmage and the Weird Sisters in 1995, and having to deal with Oberon and Titania's return to the island in 1996, the Avalon clan was made Oberon's honor guard.

Statistics: Comprised of 33 gargoyles (16 female, 17 male) and three garg-beasts (2 female, 1 male).

Named Members:

  • Present Day: Gabriel (Leader), Ophelia (Second), Angela (Second), Boudicca, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Azrael, Archangel

The Manhattan Clan
Location: New York, USA

Information: In some ways the most important clan in the planet due to the fact that it was this one which in 1996 first revealed to humanity the existence of living Gargoyles. This clan was formed by six of the seven survivors of the Wyvern massacre who were placed under a magic spell by the Magus to be reawaken a thousand years later by multi-billionaire David Xanatos.

By 2198, this clan will be working in close cooperation with the NYPD. Some of them will have also been placed as UN peacekeepers by Secretary General Alexander Xanatos IV.

Named Members:

  • Present Day: Goliath (Leader), Brooklyn (Second), Broadway, Lexington, Hudson, Angela, Bronx
  • Near Future: Coldfire, Coldstone, Katana, Nashville, Tachi, Fu-dog
  • Far Future: Artus (2018), Gwenyvere (2038), Lancelot (2058), Samson (2158 - Second)

The Labyrinth Clan
Location: New York, USA

Physiology: The clones of this clan have the physical characteristics of the Manhattan Clan but with their colors altered due to their accelerated growth. The Mutates, on the other hand, have the features of the large felines whose DNA was used to mutate them. Lastly, another unique element is the presence of the gargoyle-human hybrid Delilah, formed by the combined DNA of the rogue gargoyle Demona and the human Elisa Maza...

Information: This clan was initially formed by the Mutates after they left the Eyrie Building, abandoning their alliance with David Xanatos. They made their home in the Labyrinth that extends under Manhattan, where they started protecting many homeless humans which were found therein. And when Thailog (clone of Manhattan Clan gargoyle Goliath) was presumed dead, the Labyrinth Clan offered to teach and give shelter to the group of clones previously under his command.

In 2198 this clan still lives in the Labyrinth, sheltering and protecting outsiders, and it is rumoured that cloning still goes on there. It is as yet unknown whether descendants of the Mutates still coexist with them.

Named Members:

  • Present Day: Delilah, Hollywood, Burbank, Malibu, Brentwood
  • Future: Delilah (2158)

The Camelot Clan
Location: New Camelot, Antarctica

Information: New Camelot was designed to be a Utopia: Diverse gargoyles and humans were recruited from all over the world, and the Master Matrix provided and maintained the artificial environments there - something which seemingly also included a day/night cycle more comfortable to humans and gargoyles than the six-month one... But with the theft of the Master Matrix by the Space Spawn in the year 2198, the harsh realities of the South Pole are now taking over...

Named Members: As yet unknown, but Sir Griff might be one of its founders.

The Wyvern Clan

Location: Wyvern, Scotland

Information: The final period in the history of the ancient clan Wyvern started when its Leader (later Hudson) and Prince Malcolm formed an alliance against Culen in 971, in the events more fully described in 'Once upon a time there were three brothers'. This alliance lasted until the Wyvern massacre of October 1st, 994. This massacre, however, indirectly led to the creation of two new clans - the six survivors would be placed under a magic spell and reawaken a thousand years later to form the Manhattan Clan. The thirty-six eggs of the clan would eventually form the Avalon clan.

The new Wyvern Clan would be an intentional attempt to recolonize the site of one of the most ancient clans - the birthplace of the famous Goliath and infamous Demona. The gargoyles there are going 'back-to-basics', returning to the ancient ways and shunning technology. The date for this recolonization is not yet known.

Named Members: (by hatch-date)

  • 878: Hudson (Leader)
  • 938: Goliath (Leader), Demona (Second), Othello, Desdemona, Iago, Hippolyta
  • 958: Brooklyn, Lexington, Broadway
  • 978: Bronx
  • 3rd millenium: As yet unknown

The Liberty Clan
Location: Queen Florence Island, Canada

Physiology: Formed by gargoyles around the world, we can assume that the appearance of the gargoyles of this clan will be extremely varied.

Information: This clan was created for reasons of population pressure in the twelve older ones - the location was offered by the Haida tribe which owned the island and had a long-term relationship with the Gargoyle Nation. Gargoyle eggs were brought from around the world as a sign of Gargoyle unity - most of the hatchlings would return to their original clans but many would remain behind to form the 13th clan. But then happened the unfortunate events which are described much more fully in the Gargoyles 2198 page.

How the Liberty Clan will recover from the catastrophic events of March 21, 2198 still remains unknown.

Named Members: As yet unknown.

The Notre Dame Clan
Location: Paris, France (presumably the Notre Dame)

Information: Almost absolutely nothing is known about this clan. It will be created several years after the events of 2198 and many cities will vie for the chance to welcome it. The bid of the city of Paris would win.

Named Members: As yet unknown.


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