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Lost Tales: Gargoyles

And further still at an unearthly height,
One luminary clock against the sky
Proclaimed the time was neither wrong nor right.
I have been one acquainted with the night.

Gargoyles: A race of warriors by night, stone statues by day, once betrayed and destroyed, the remnants of the Scottish Clan Wyvern fall under a magic spell and only wake a thousand years later in a world where once again magic and science will walk hand in hand; a world where time travel and world-wide conspiracies appears as well as power-mad wizards, trickster fays and immortal kings, a world in which they'll have to fight human bigotry as well as the genocidal wishes of the gargoyle Demona, one of their very own.

Warning! The following contain spoilers not only to the produced episodes of Gargoyles but also to the "Master Plan" of Creator Greg Weisman. If for any reason, you are not interested in learning about some of the things he had planned for the series you are advised not to proceed.


Fan Fiction

Names and Forms:

Late in the history of the Cretan civilisation but far before the fall of Troy, a man arrived at the palace of Lycastus, king of Knossos. Though born of Egypt, the newcomer's name was destined to become inseparably linked with the history of the island; for in his story monsters are revealed, heroes live, love and die, gods are brought to their knees and a new race is born.

My first Gargoyles fanfic. It took me much longer to write than I had ever thought it would; and it likewise turned out much longer than I ever thought it would! Hope you enjoy it, and feedback is always welcome, be it positive or negative.

Notes: first posted 9-Jun-2001


Six possible spin-offs had been thought of by Greg Weisman and could possibly have started production. These were (in order of likelihood to be produced) the following (along with a description of what they would have involved).

  1. Bad Guys: A Dirty Dozen-esque "Redemption Squad" of past criminals is formed under the guidance of the mysterious Director, a civil servant. The leader is the Hunter Robyn Canmore, and these two blackmail Dingo (aka Harry Monmouth - and the Matrix), Fang and Yama to join it. The Squad's operations (which are, at least in theory, covert) will bring it into conflict with the Illuminati, the Director's enemy. During the series Harry and Robyn would enter a romantic relationship, while he would have a lot to atone for, and the Matrix a lot to learn. Fang would be very slow to repent of his past deeds, though.
  2. Dark Ages: This story would begin in 971, the year that Malcolm and Clan Wyvern, first make their alliance and the year Castle Wyvern is built. Hudson is the leader, Demona and Goliath are teens, and the Trio are still children. Through the series we would get to see among other things the fate of Prince Malcolm and Princess Elena, the death of Hudson's mate, Goliath's rise to second-in-command. The unfinished story "Once upon a time there were three brothers" by Greg Weisman covers the background of this series, leading up to its first episode.
  3. New Olympians: The New Olympians decide it's the time to make contact with humanity. After their dramatic arrival before the United Nations, tensions begin... Three different factions would form among the New Olympians. One would be led by Ekidna, include Kiron and her reluctant daughter Medusa, and would desire isolation. Another would desire peaceful co-existence, and finally a third faction led by Jove (and including Helios and Boreas' son) would desire to rule and be worshipped by the humans once again. The four main protagonists would be Talos (a robot rebuilt time and again over the millenia), Taurus (who was originally against the idea of revealing themselves), Sphinx and Terry Chung (who would become the first human ambassador to New Olympus). Between Sphinx and Terry, a Romeo & Juliet relationship would develop. Other important characters would include Proteus and possibly Xanatos who would want to exploit the New Olympians.
  4. Pendragon: The Pendragon series would have featured King Arthur and Sir Griff. and begun with their Quest for Merlin. One more regular would have been added: Blanchefleur, the estranged wife of Mr. Duval, the leader and founder of the Illuminati, who would have also been revealed to be the last Fisher King, Sir Perceval, old friend and now rival of Arthur. Arthur's search would have taken him in places both likely and unlikely, including Tintagel, Stonehedge and the South Pole. After Merlin's discovery, he would have joined them, and among other things they would encounter the Holy Grail (and Elisa and Goliath would have also gotten involved). A story for the Stone of Destiny's journey back to Scotland would have also certainly been made.
  5. Gargoyles 2198: In the year 2198 the Space-spawn arrive, abduct the world leaders (including Secretary General Alexander Fox Xanatos) and enslave planet Earth. Samson, a descendant of Goliath, becomes leader of the resistance. His allies would include Nokkar, Owen, Demona, Delilah and Zafiro (these last two being descendants of their present-day namesakes), and timedancing Brooklyn and Fu-dog. Enemies would include the Space-Spawn themselves, the Illuminati, the Quarrymen, and Coyote-X whose plans for world-domination have turned into dreams of galactic conquest...
  6. Timedancer: When Goliath flings the Phoenix Gate into the portal it becomes lost in time. It appear in front of Brooklyn but before he gets hold of it, it takes him away. Brooklyn never manages to control it and the random travels of the Gate will last forty years before he manages to return to his own time, only five minutes later. In his first journey he travels to 997 where he helps Finella and Mary escape from Constantine and then accidentally transports them to the 1970s. In the second episode we would see Xanatos and Demona's first meeting. Later time-travels would go from prehistorical times to feudal Japan where he would find Katana, his future mate, and he would also spend considerable time in 2198. Finally he would return to the present with Katana, their son Nashville, the unhatched egg of their daughter Tachi, and Fu-dog, a gargoyle beast he'd find in ancient China.

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