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(Gathered down through hands in dreams...)

In our hearts and minds we each hold a mirror... It is our Crystal Blue Mirror of life. It is there always to remind us, not of what the rest of the world sees in us, but of what we see in ourselves. On this mirror we can always rely... for within its reflection there are no shadows and no means of escaping the light that is our very souls. This mirror will never fail us, for as always, it is truthful.

My name is Ricky Pilcher. This is my mirror and I welcome You and invite you to gaze inside...

Poet, Priest of Nothing...

I have always written poetry and prose, but it was only during the time of my Mother's illness and subsequent death from cancer that I brought these works out of my journals for others to read. That was the reason for my creating this cyber-home that I call "The Crystal Blue Mirror". Here is where my healing and my movement towards my future begins. For this journey (for my life and my future) these are the words, the photographs so rare and the thoughts that come from my heart. This is how I honor those beloved ones who have gone on before. This is how I honor their lives... and by doing this, I am able to honor my own. Until I see them again...

"The Crystal Blue Mirror"

(This poem was written especially for the creation of this homepage. It was inspired by the songs of Stevie Nicks and is dedicated to all the "Beautiful Ghosts". )

* Thank you Lisa for the image of "The Crystal Blue Mirror".

Gathered down through hands in dreams
I may stumble and fall, but still I understand…
And I never wonder just what it means
To view the looking glass in my hand
And when dark and light both disappear
And I feel my life may fade away…
It's only fate that brings me here
But the love I find that makes me stay

So I gaze into the open flame
And I see myself as I will always be
And as slow, long images begin to appear
The surface of the glass is me
The blue-white colors whisper my name
And the surface of the glass is me

With hands so marked by labor...
With spirits long weary from strife
Gaze beneath the surface of my crystal blue mirror of life
Like shining silver and crystaline blue
It is only my love that looks back at you...

Ricky Pilcher
(Copyright 1997/All Rights Reserved/Use With Permission)

My Calling...

"Guided by spirits like watchers from above
Darkness, eternal is illumined by love...
I never question my rising above
I am lifed by faith on the wings of a dove..."

From LIFTED BY FAITH by Ricky Pilcher
(Copy Right 1996/All Rights Reserved/Use With Permission)

"Fields of Gold"

"Not unlike a blue-white fire, you burn brightly inspite of yourself..."


"Suddenly the dove seemed to outglow the candle and there was light everywhere within me, expelling the shadows in my soul..."

From the novel TRIAD by Mary Leader

My World...

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Here's lookin' at You!

As always, I am inspired to write by the timeless works of


To some rooms with old lace and paper flowers...