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"Be aware of the danger as you cross the great water..."

The Keeper of the Time is Blind

"I hear the voices calling me
Through time and distance across the sea
In every page I turn and write...
In every corner of every night
Calling...whispering...asking me....
To release the furies that have haunted me
Lift the candle, shine the light
No more sadness in the night..."

From THE FURIES by Ricky Pilcher

I always dreamed of being pretty
And I always tried to be
I never tried to listen
To the ugly things you said to me
But sometimes its hard to know
What to believe
Or to look in the mirror
And not hate what I see

They watch me live my life
And they say I'm made of light
But they don't see the shadows
And they don't see my ghost
And sometimes how my face goes dark
From those things...
That echo in my heart

(My friends say I'm beautiful)
But I don't feel beautiful
That isn't me at all
They don't understand...
I don't feel beautiful
They don't understand
That's not me at at all...


(Written by KELLY CATE from her CD "DEEP THINGS")

*Visit Kelly's website via the "KELLY CATE" link at the bottom of this page.

Fate has taken much from me, but my spirit remains uncaptured
When heartbreak knocked upon my door, I paled, but did not answer...

From FATE IS UNKIND by Ricky Pilcher

The Crystal Blue Mirror's "Chamber of the Dove" is honored to have received the:

Measure your life by loss instead of gain;
Not by the wine drunk, but in the wine poured forth
For love's strength stands in love's sacrifice;
And he who suffers most has the most to give.

"Where is my husband? Where has he gone? What is this that's happened here? This war! This can't be happening! Come home! Come home!"

From DESERT ANGEL by Stevie Nicks

(for Daniel)

His Face

I touch his face in silent dreams
Where no one hears me crying
And every day that I walk through
The dead become the dying
And they tell me, "Oh no, you cannot fall..."
So deep into the arms of sleep
When I risk it all...and call
His name, "The Willow"
Forever my soul to keep

There are no illusions
Just fate and pain and time
And there are no dark clouds above me
Only his face...
His bright face and mine

If I pale before this hour
Where loving eyes look down from above
I will sit alone in my own tower
And think of him...the Willow
And of myself...the Dove

And when this dream is over
When I lay in state before a weeping crowd
His love will not have disappeared
Oh no...
For it shall be my resting shroud

Ricky Pilcher
(Copyright 1989/All Rights Reserved/Use by Permission)

The Legacy...

Roscoe C. Neisler
Glenise House Neisler

I can remember, as a child, my Great-Grandfather having this great, booming voice. When he would speak, I felt as if the walls were shaking.
My Great-Grand Mother used to baby sit with me when I was a toddler. It's funny that I remember the time when one of her big white roosters jumped on my back and she knocked it off with a broom. I also remember the times I would come home on leave from the Army. She never forgot about me as aged as she became. Whenever I walked into the room, her arms would reach for me and she would give me a big kiss and hug.
When my Great-Grand Parents were married in 1917, my Great Grand Mother was only 14 years old and my Great-Grand Father was 28. Today, he would be arrested and put in jail, but their marrage lasted a very long time and my Maternal Grand Mother, Myrtle Neisler Pilcher, was their first child, born in 1921. Thanks Grandpa and Grandma!

There were two of us, now only I remain...

Daniel and Ricky
( The Willow and the Dove 1980-1988)

"This was not pre-planned, but after some cause
I've decided to go to the other side of the world
I see something, I see a handsome soldier...
I see myself remaining when all of you are gone..."

from BATTLE OF THE DRAGON by Stevie Nicks

The Beautiful...

Daniel Garcia - Cheju Island, South Korea - 1983

"How can we believe in something we can never see
Yes, I did believe in love...
And love believed in me
But that was a long time ago
Yes I know...
And 'I love you' sounded so good
On a delicate white card...

No, I never read it wrong...
Just how long will I have to wait
This time...just how long...
'I love you' still sounds so good
Would I lay down and die from grieving
This darling...
Even if I could"

From DELICATE WHITE CARD by Ricky Pilcher
(Copyright 1990/All Rights Reserved/Use With Permission)

...And the Sensitive...

Ricky Pilcher - Song Ju Re, South Korea - 1983

"And so the summer became the fall; I was not ready for the winter...
It makes no difference at all; I wear boots all summer long...:

From NIGHTBIRD By Stevie Nicks and Sandy Stewart

"Were that his words so softly
Layed upon my skin so bare
And the hand of the man who loved me most
Still lingered there...
If I should raise this mirror
And view myself alone...
'Tis I who would be the hourglass
With the sand already gone..."

From HOURGLASS by Ricky Pilcher
(Copyright 1989/All Rights Reserved/Use With Permission)

The Willow and the Dove

I see his face in silent dreams
Where the candle in my hand
No longer lights the way
I see his eyes as they reflect
The sadness I feel inside…

And I wonder more about that day
And in this dream his touch is fleeting
In this dream there are no answers
When I call to him...
Don't leave me here...come home
Don't leave me here...alone

I've seen myself in a crystal storm
Where time and tides and wisdoms form
And in this dream I find our lost love
Held fast in the arms
Like the Willow and the Dove

Don't wake me now…please
I want to stay here with him
Here where his hands reach out
And hold me so close
Where the shadow on the wall
Is no longer a ghost
Where I never wake and rise above
This dream repeating…
Forever apart
Yet forever meeting

This place where time is never enough
Will I ever rise above
This bittersweet and eternal love

Ricky Pilcher
(Copyright 1995/All Rights Reserved/Use With Permission)

days 'til my 45th Birthday!!!.

My Family...

Robert, Betty Jean, Ricky

Once in a million years a lady like her rises...

My Mother...

Betty Jean Pilcher

August 25, 1941 - January 29, 1996

"Rhiannon, don't go...
Rhiannon, stay...
And he still cries out for her,
Don't leave me now..."

"...there is a reason why even the Angels
don't give it up at all...
and to the season, you fought from the beginning...
long before I knew it..."

My Brother... Robert

May 17, 1964 - October 19, 1994

For him...

The Angel In My Dreams

What will I do
How many days can I spend
Facing a life undone
Reliving a tragic end
What will I do...this time

How much can I give
When hearbreak is all I've known
When the Angel in my dreams has come and gone
How much...
When this house is no longer a home
For me…
How much can I give...this time

When will I know
If the time is right to cry
When tears fall down that I cannot hide
And I wish it were me who had died
When will I know
When will I know...this time

And how still the night
How dark even the day
So quiet grows my sanctuary
Since the Angel in my dreams went away
How still the night
How dark the day
Since He went away

Ricky Pilcher
(Copyright 1994/All Rights Reserved/Use by Permission)

The lamp that I carried from my Mother's home...

To a room with old lace and paper flowers...
Back to the gypsy that I was
To the gypsy that I was...
...and it all comes down to me...

"There was no message to be found
Anywhere in sight, inside or out
I had looked everywhere, but the only lamp
Left on the house was a blue light...
A blue light...

And the light that burns through the shining night
Is the lamp that I carried from my Mother's home
And the light that burns in the window pane
And the love remains...
And the love remains...

And the Guardian of Our Challenge does not cry..."

From BLUE LAMP Stevie Nicks

The Warrior Poet...

Clockwise from top left: Specialists Ricky Pilcher (Me), Tim Burns, Tony Ramirez & Michael Green
Camp Pelham, South Korea - 1984

I spent 12 years in the military before I realised that I am a poet and not a warrior. Still, I feel that the armed services are a wonderful opportunity for young people who get out of high school, who may not have the grades or the funds to get into college... Who may be searching for another way to travel and to educate themselves.

I joined the U.S. Army because my Mother was a single parent and could not afford to send me to college. To prohibit someone from taking advantage of this opportunity, when there are so very few in life, is terribly unfair. That is what the ban on gays in the military does. It takes away an opportunity that everyone else takes for granted. Gay and lesbian young people, who are not so fortunate as to have good grades and money for college, are not allowed this benefit.

Some politicians want people to believe that gays are asking for "special rights". Well, LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS are not "special rights". They are the rights we, as citizens of this country should all be entitled to. Maybe someday...

Ricky Pilcher

I turned around and the water was closing around me...

"Do you always trust your first initial feeling
Special knowledge holds truth, bears believing
I turned around and the water was closing all around me
Like a glove... Like the love that had finally, finally found me
Then I knew the crystaline knowledge of you..."

From CRYSTAL by Stevie Nicks

This Time

(For Christopher Hall ~ from 1999 to 2004)

I knew I was falling
It was a strange feeling
I fear I had given up
In his arms I found myself reeling
And possession was never enough...for him

And now my dear...
Fate leaves me here...with this feeling
And the photographs so rare
All around me so clear
Like they've fallen down from the ceiling

It's over now...
But I know somehow
My future has just begun
I'll pick up the pieces
With the lessons life teaches
And the fear...
Won't make me turn and run
Not the next time...
Not anytime...from anything
Because love warms me like the sun

Now, I live with such an intensity
And inspite of all those years
I am moved…
As, by the moon, the sea is moved
When I am moved to tears

This time…
The beauty was You and not a dream
This time…
The beauty was You and not a dream

Ricky Pilcher
(Copyright 2004/All Rights Reserved/Use With Permission)
(Inspired by the poetry and music of Stevie Nicks)

Well I want you to remember him...

Will you walk gently through my shadow...

To the Main Entrance Hallway
What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality
KELLY CATE (My Fairy God Daughter)