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The Wedding...

Saturday, June 26, 1999

(L to R) Karen, Cynthia, Vicki, Christopher, Cassie, Marilyn, Heather, Bree-Ann & Ricky

Ricky's Vows to Christopher...

My Love,

When I look into your eyes I thank God above for all that I see; love, tenderness, security and hope. When I am in your presense I feel as if there is a reason for the day we met. I feel complete. I feel as if the beautiful ghosts who have left me behind smile down on us now. Above all else, I feel the love you have for me and so I return that love to you with all my heart…

We both know that our lives have not been easy ones. We have both suffered great sadnesses and disappointments and have felt so alone, at times, that we didn't want to go on. For me, now there is you, and I can feel only the love and the presense of you in my life. I cherish you and will love you as long as I am blessed with life. Somehow, I know…

One night I had a dream and in that dream I walked alone into the forest. Oh but I was not alone… My beloved ones who have gone on before were there with me. I felt a tiny sting of apprehension, as I asked of the most beautiful ghost of all (my Mother), "Will you accept this man?" …and there was no answer. It made me sad and afraid...

But the ghosts danced and sang and laughed together and pulled me into their circle… In this dream, I was not alone in the forest. And the most beautiful ghost asked of me, "How much would you give away?" And in my dream I did not hesitate...
"Everything!" I said. "I love him that much!"
…and she smiled knowingly.

So now I do not wonder how others will feel or what they will say. I love you as I have loved no one else. I walked into the forest alone, but I was not alone… The ones I have loved were there with me. And now, when I wake up, there is you… And they smile down on us from their heaven above. They laugh and sing and dance as I give my heart to you. And they smile as I take the love you give to me in return.

Ricky Pilcher 5/16/99

"Love is a word that some entertain; if you find it, you have won the game..."

Ricky and Chris

At Ricky's 90th Birthday Bash in New York City

2051 A.D.

And the Angel said, "Love's strength stands in love's sacrifice and he who suffers most has the most to give..."

And my Lord said, "I will never leave you..."

Thank you my Lord for always giving me what I need and thank you my Beautiful and Beloved Ghosts for always trusting in me and believing in me. You are with me all the time, even in my darkest hour and I promise to never let you down..."


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