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During your wanderings on the ship, you turn into a large room that's an old-style library. Antique shelves are filled with books, and a few various beings are reading in assorted styles of chairs. You stroll up and down the rows, and come across a shelf labeled Personal Works.

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Rhapsody In Steel
A story of a different color. ROB, one of the few unchanging things in the life of Star Fox, asks for an upgrade, and sets off a chain of events that rocks their lives.
Chapter One: Caged Bird
Chapter Two: Breath of Life
Chapter Three: Flicker
Chapter Four: Fear and Loving
Chapter Five: Funeral for a Friend
Chapter Six: Testing Grounds
Chapter Seven: Becoming
Chapter Eight: Breaking Innocence
Chapter Nine: Impossibilities
Chapter Ten: The Rhapsody Begins

Bloody Tears This one focuses on Carl White, a battlescarred Cornerian Army fighter who has just arrived back home after being abandoned on Zoness. He isn't pleased that he's been forgotten...
The Crescent Moon Trilogy Not all people need planes to become heroes. This story is StarFox, but redone, and set in midieval days. Welcome to a world of castles and wilderness, of knights and ladies... of unlikely heroes and villains unmatched...
Contains Crescent Moon, Crescent Moon: The Lazarus Staff, and Crescent Moon: Mer De Noms
Reader Recommended
Writer Recommended

Dawn The war is over, and Andross won. Even as he celebrates his victory, those both free and incarcerated plan his destruction...
Reader Recommended

Desert Armor Chapter Directory
Titania is controlled by tank-driving military gangs, but one particular teen gang member rises in the ranks..

Five years after the war, much of Lylat's efforts are on exploring and colonizing. It is during this that thirty scientists disappear. The planet? Eden. StarFox is sent in, and in the end, they must make their biggest sacrifice ever..
The Reviews
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six

Eden 2: The Primaeus Effect
Four years after the so called 'Eden Incident,' Eden makes a startling decision... to allow Fox to return to Corneria.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

Enemy Mine [Eventually a Shounen Ai]
Not long after the war, Star Wolf is found alive, and Star Fox is sent to take care of it, setting off a chain of events that leaves Falco Lombardi alone with his worst enemy.
Chapter One: Crawling
Chapter Two: One Step Closer
Chapter Three: By Myself
Chapter Four: A Place For My Head
Chapter Five: Forgotten
Chapter Six: My December
Chapter Seven: Runaway
Chapter Eight: In The End

ReAnimation [Shounen-Ai]
After the events that occured in Enemy Mine, Falco has returned home, but finds little peace and relaxation there. Things are changing, and he finds himself questioning his own identity.
Chapter One: Alive
Chapter Two: Simon Says
Chapter Three: Black
Chapter Four: Get Inside
Chapter Five: I wish...
Chapter Six: Bubble Song
Chapter Seven: Crave
Chapter Eight: I Will Follow

The Holy War Saga
After the war, the Lylat System plunges into depression and decay. Fox McCloud starts trying to help, and teams up with Steele Silver, an interrigator... and fallen Archangel..

Life FlightWhen Fox passes out in the docking bay of the Great Fox, doctors rush to save him...
Fox's Song For those of you who read the above, here's what Fox wrote in the hospital. Don't laugh at me, please... I'm no song writer..
The Reviews
Reader Recommended

The Lilith Project
Project Lilith was illegal, and was shut down long before the war.
Funny thing is, no one ever looked to see who the participants were...
Warning: I will not put a rating on this story as there is no explicit language, situations, and very little blood. However, even I think parts of this story is a bit... disturbing. You've been warned.
Reader Recommended
Writer Recommended

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven

A renegade hacker is raising hell, and sometimes being human just isn't enough.... and Slippy, merely trying to enjoy a date or two, is pulled right into the center of it.
Length: 60 pages
Reader Recommended
Writer Recommended

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Recorded Noise -- The Soundtrack of Snap

WereWolf: The Apocalypse
These stories are more or less on WW:TA rules, including the characters.
Story One: The Fine Art of Pranking the Wyrm

Infinity's Arrival
The citizens of Lylat have endured much, including a cataclysmic war. But now, the stakes have gotten much higher, because they face the very destruction of all they hold dear.
The Reviews

Infinity's Reach
Lylat is gone, and now everyone and everything is moving on. Survival depends on finding a new home, which is easier said then done.
Infinity's Descent
The quest for a home for the refugees in Lylat continues, and tension rises as information comes to the attention of the Star Fox team.

Eternity's Test
In the midst of the trying to find out why their home was destroyed, the survivors of Lylat must settle into a new home. But what if everything you've been told is wrong?
Chapter One: Troubled Beginnings
Chapter Two: Family Ties
Chapter Three: Kill Zone
Chapter Four: Entity
Chapter Five: Lone Wolf
Chapter Six: Retribution

Eternity's Conflict
The fifth installment of the Infinity Series
Lylat has found a home, but new troubles arise. Their closest allies might be their worst enemies, and on the fringe of the explored universe, StarFox is uncovering one of the greatest mysteries and wonders ever known.
Chapter One: A Glimse of Immortality
Chapter Two: Points of Authority
Chapter Three: The Beast
Chapter Four: Revolutions
Chapter Five: No Leaf Clover
Epilogue: Karioke Night

Before the War This takes it back to the Flight Academy, looking at Fox and Wolf's rivalry.
Invasion When an unknown enemy arrives in Lylat in the middle of the war, old enemies are forced to forget vandettas, or forfeit all lives in the Lylat system...
Invasion Two: Contact Earth is discovered by Lylat, and Star Fox is sent as a military escort. Meanwhile, the rest of Lylat makes second contact with 'the snakes'...
Invasion Three: The Second War The aliens return to Lylat to try again, but this time, a human team stands beside Star Fox..
Reader Recommended

High Class Soldiers
The Reviews
Silent Bullet The first in a series of stories, this is the story of Mary, aka the Silent Bullet--an immortal and one of the highest paid assassins ever.
Dragon's Fate A 'Jack-of-all-Trades', Draco doesn't look like much. But General Pepper needs Andross gone for good...and Peppy suggests Draco as a possibility, because among other things, Draco is an assassin....
Magic Vision Majic is just a Cadet when he starts apprenticing to be a Mercenary. He soon is a Night Walker, with a lot of problems. When a new Venomian Army prepares to attack, however, his new guild is the first to find out...
Combat ArtistVenomian troops training on Kerlruit? Andrew doesn't think it's a bad idea. And while that's going on, bombers streak over all major cities, and a former Champion remembers how she earned the title.
Winds of Change By VanBrain, who was able to continue my High Class Soldiers series when I couldn't. Kerlruit is caught between Corneria and Venom, and as the war progresses, neutral parties have to make a decision..
The Showdown By Vanbrain. Kerlruit and Corneria go toe to toe to decide if Kerlruit remains free, or goes under the control of Lylat.
Interlude: Unending By Vanbrain. Mortality, or lack thereof, is a fact that disturbs Mary to no end.

The Slave Born Saga
A Slave Born Sent to investigate an already inhabited planet where species determines whether or not you're a slave, Fox is captured...and meets another slave, who soon becomes his friend. But as time wears on, it becomes apparent that something odd is going on...
A Slave Escaped When the transport truck crashes, Tayla escapes into the heart of the city...and finds out that a rebellion is in the making. Meanwhile, Fox has been picked up, and is having problems of his own...
First Step To Freedom Though the others don't trust him, Fox decides to try to help the rebellion, and in the end helps a rejected princess stand up for herself.
Calling the Bluff The Allarrii decide to try to surpress the rebellion, but the rebels stand by their bluff.
Stand For Freedom The continuation of the Slave Born Saga. Fox and Tayla are forced to split up, at almost unimaginable cost..
The Unforgiven The next story in the Slave Born series. The Star Fox team returns to Corneria, and the general public isn't too happy with them..

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