Operation Ivy

Operation Ivy Jesse Michals Lint Matt McCall Dave MelloJesse Michaels: vocals

Tim "Lint" Armstrong: guitar and vocals

Brett McCall (aka Freeman): bass and vocals

Dave Mello: drums and vocals

Paul Bae: plays sax in some songs

Operation Ivy was an innovative and great punk/ska band. In fact, they helped pave the way for many third wave ska bands.

Operation Ivy was together for two years, from 1987- 1989. During that time, it was estimated that they played 185 shows, including a US tour. Their music fused a blend of ska and punk. During the band's short duration, they released many seven inches and comps, and even a full length album, Energy. Then, in 1989, the band broke up, some citing the increase in popularity and cries of sell out. However, to this day the true reason of the break-up is unknown. Operation Ivy played their last show on May 25, 1989 at their legendary club 924 Gilman Street.

Although the band is gone, people are still finding out about Operation Ivy. Records sales of Energy double every year, with estimates of about 500,000. In fact, Energy is #43 on the list of the top 50 albums to come out of California.


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