Why Operation Ivy is Great

Operation Ivy is probably my favorite band. They had so much energy and heart. They believed in what they sang, and their songs had great messages. OPIV played punk with some ska mixed in. OPIV pretty much started the third wave of ska as we know it. However, they pretty much started my getting into punk. Lint himself has said that Operation Ivy was "punks playing punk rock. We also played ska... We were pissed and hard edged about it. I love ska and we were doing it our way." Where would all your favorite bands be today if it wasn't for OPIV? Probably stuck in two-tone (which wouldn't be bad) or trying to be rappers(yikes!). OPIV allowed for change, for innovation. They inspired a whole generation of punks and rude boys, created diversity, and never stopped with their message. Their CD is selling stonger every year. It is amazing how relevent their lyrics are today, even though they were written ten years ago. OPIV was about unity, peace, and thinking about society in a clearheaded manner.

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