Operation Ivy's Breakup

Operation Ivy's breakup is surrounded by a lot of mystery. No one knows why they really broke up. Many have cited that Operation Ivy didn't want to sell out, which many punks said they were. I even read somewhere that Operation Ivy had been offered a two record deal by EMI and that's why they broke up, because they made a deal taht they wanted to keep it down to earth, and if they were offered a major label deal they would just break up. Now this is all very interesting, but no one really knows the truth. Lint (now called Tim Armstrong) offered some insight into this matter when he wrote the song "Journey To the End of the East Bay", which is basically about Operation Ivy. This song is on the Rancid album "...And Out Come the Wolves". Therefore, below you will find these lyrics.

"Journey to the End of East Bay"

Reconcile to the belief, consumed in sacred ground for me. There wasn't always a place to go, but there was always an urgent need to belong. All these people, all these friends and we were equals, but what you gonna do when everyone goes one without you. To the end, I'll journey to the end. Started in '87, ended in '89, there was always a garage or an amp to play anytime. It was just the four of us, yeah man the core of us. Too much attention unavoidably destoyed us. Four kids on tour three thousand miles in a four door car not knowing what was going on. Two years not knowing it would turn out like this,hell no, no premonition could have seen this. Matty came from far away, from New Orleans into the East Bay. He said this is a mecca, I said this ain't no mecca, man this place is F*cked. Three months go by, he has no home, he has no food, he's all alone. Matty said fool me once shame on you, he said fool me twice he went back to New Orleans.

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