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The following links are ones I use frequently, and ones I recommend. They are useful links, and, by surfing from them, they can be fun, too. First on the list...   

Digital libraries. The Berkeley sunSITE's R+D page is a great place to start exploring real digital libraries. Here you'll find links to major digital libraries in a dozen countries. On the Digital Libraries page I'll provide direct links to a few of my favorites. One of them has the papers of a great woman. Which library has them? Go to the Digital Libraries page, or click on Emma:

Portrait of Emma Goldman 6.2kb

The Internet Library for Librarians is a one-stop directory for working librarians and students. Not exhaustively complete in every category, but very useful in many, including their Internet Tools for Library Staff.
The Internet Public Library. Subject directories to a wealth of internet sources. Easy to navigate.  Produced by the School of Information at the University of Michigan. Even a kids' section. And a fairly kewl one for teens.
At the Library of Congress, you can check out their Library Services page, and the Library and Information Science Resources Page While you're at the LOC, visit the digital library project American Memory.
webCATS is a hypertext directory to library catalogs around the world. What books on roses do they have in South Africa? You can find out.
AcqWEB at Vanderbilt University is a large web resource for acquisitions and collection development issues, well organized and updated.
Blackwell's, the British commercial firm, maintains a U.S. site:, which offers information for librarians, but seems written more for retail and academic bookstore buyers. seems a bit more librarian-oriented.
WEBgator. If you thought research was staid, check out this Marlowe-ish (or Hammettian) site for the low-down on "investigative resources".
Info-Connect Directory. Others swear by it. It's UK.
The Special Libraries Association. The SLA's web pages provide interesting surfing, and good information and resources.
Government Documents directory. The Government Documents Librarian (Ms. Ginny Hopcraft) at the Bowdoin College Library has created an easy-to-use comprehensive site organizing federal, international (and Maine) government internet resources.

Schlesinger Library at Radcliffe (21kb)

The Schlesinger Library at Radcliffe, in Cambridge MA.

Women's studies has an important resource in the Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library of the History of Women in America, at Radcliffe College.
Two sources of information on recent electronic publications in library and information science are Eric Lease Morgan's Index Morganagus, a search engine to e-journal articles in the field, and Current Cites, maintained by Teri Andrews Rinne at Berkeley. Current Cites is a monthly publication abstracting and providing cites to electronic publications in library-information science. You can read and search Current Cites at its home at the Berkeley sunSITE, or you can get the current issue each month by e-mail.
Okay, now you've had enough of library hyperlinks. If you want relief, take a vacation. If you've just started to get excited, click on my favorite digital libraries page.


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