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image of booksFine used, rare and out-of-print books from F.R. Joslin-Bookseller are now on the Internet for browsing, searching, and buying.

open book image Over 1,700 titles available online now, 1,100 of them books by and about women, priced from $6 to $295 (average book price is $15 to $20). The 1,700 books are divided into different catalogs for easier browsing: Fiction & Poetry; Literary Nonfiction, including memoirs, essays, biography & criticism; General Nonfiction, including books on feminism, history & psychology. Also catalogs of literature by men, Beat Generation Literature (about 100 titles), and 1960's counterculture-antiwar-civil rights titles (about 175).blue pennant flag

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I received my M.L.S. from The Graduate School of Library and Information Studies, University of Rhode Island, South Kingston, Rhode Island, in August, 1999. Thank you to all who gave me encouragement, advice & support. A few of these great folks are: Susan Krumholz, F.R. & I.D. Joslin, Jon Tryon, Herb Carson, Cheryl McCarthy, Yan Ma, Donna Gilton, Tony Stankus, Julia Tryon, Dave Maslyn, Sally Sheedy, Janice Griffin, Cherine K. Whitney, Nolan Lushington, Abby Letteri, Beth LeBar, Rosemary Northup & Ann-Margaret Richard.

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In these pages you may find out about me, my education (or lack thereof), work, and interests.  I am a reference librarian.   In my spare time I have a business:   Joslin Book and Information Services, including F.R. Joslin- Bookseller.  I sell good used and rare books, by mail, and online.  I search for out-of-print books for individuals and institutions.  Tell me your book wants, or sign up for my next book catalog.  I appraise rare and used books for insurance, estates, and other purposes. Explore my links to the antiquarian book trade;  to librarianship and digital libraries. I also freelance as a researcher (in my abundant spare time).  My Interests and Links page features hyperlinks to many subjects including art, astronomy Astronomy Magazine 25th anniversary cover 3.6kb and travel.       Email me at: with all comments and requests. 

     A few interesting links:

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