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Gorilla From Gabon

The Amazing Adventures of Professor Von Borgengruft.

Can one person have such luck?

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Professor Von Borgengruft Gives Tips for Budding Online Illustrators and Authors
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NOTES: Professor (retired) Klaus Anton von Borgengruft has departed
to warmer climes for a well deserved vacation.
However, he's keeping in touch by E-mail (thanks to his trusty laptop).
The following is a brief excerpt taken from his last message,
sent to us while on tropical safari in the jungles of Gabon in west Africa:

Gorilla From Gabon

"In the midst of tropical vegetation, the Simiae, or Monkey and Ape tribes, lead a free forest life, for which they might be well envied. The green canopy of the woods protects them at every season from the burning rays of a vertical sun, flowers of the most delicate fragrance embalm the air they breathe, and an endless supply of fruit and nuts never allows them to know want, for should the stores near at hand be exhausted, an easy migration to some other district soon restores them to abundance.

With an agility far surpassing that with which the sailor ascends the rigging, and climbs even to the giddy top of the highest mast, they leap from bush- rope to bush-rope, and from bough to bough, mocking the tiger-cat and the boa, which are unable to follow them in their rapid evolutions.

Formed to live on trees, and not upon the ground, they are as excellent climbers as they are bad pedestrians. Both their fore and hind feet are shaped as hands, generally with four fingers and a thumb, so that they can sieze or grasp a bough with all alike.

The Chimpanzee attains a height of about five feet, but seems much smaller from his stooping attitude. He inhabits the dense forests on the west coast of africa, particularly near the river ogooué in Gabonese Republic.

One of the finest specimens ever displayed in captivity was kept in the Jardin des Plantes in Paris, where the mild climate, agreeable diet (he drank a pint of Bordeaux daily), and lively society of the French, maintained him in wonderful health and spirits.

However, putting the Chimpanzees aside for the moment; the encounter yesterday with an adult GORILLA; is another story altogether!!

Our Safari was merrily trekking along the jungle path, enjoying the exotic sights, sounds and smells of the dense African rain forest, when, to our surprise, the underbrush suddenly swayed rapidly just ahead, and presently before us stood an immense Male Gorilla!

He had gone through the jungle on his all-fours, but when he saw our party he erected himself, and looked us boldly in the face. He stood about a dozen yards from us, and was a sight I think I shall never forget.

Nearly six feet high with immense body, huge chest, and great muscular arms, with fiercely glaring, large, deep-grey eyes, and a hellish expression of face, which seemed to me like some nightmare vision; thus stood before us the King of the African forest.

He was not afraid of us. He stood there and beat his breast with his huge fists, till it resounded like an immense bass-drum, which is their mode of offering defiance, meantime giving vent to roar after roar.

The roar of the Gorilla is the most singular and awful noise heard in these African woods. It begins with a sharp bark like an angry dog, then glides into a deep bass roll, which literally and closely resembles the roll of distant thunder along the sky.

His eyes began to flash deeper fire as we stood motionless on the defensive, and the crest of short hair which stands on his forehead began to twitch rapidly up and down, while his powerful fangs were shown as he again sent forth a thunderous roar.

For reasons known only to the Gorilla and the Almighty, he suddenly turned around and hastily departed back into the jungle growth, leaving us rather shaken and extremely grateful for the mercies of Providence."

The Professor has kindly promised to keep us informed of more interesting adventures,
as he continues on his fascinating journey and he specifically asked
to print portions of his E-mails in our Newsletter for the
Princess Noor Appreciation Society International.
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The Monkey and the Crocodile

A monkey and a crocodile befriended each other.
The monkey lived on a coconut tree above beside the water.
The croc used to take the monkey on his back for a ride around the river
and in return the monkey fed coconut to the croc.
One day the croc's wife became very sick and was going to die.
Someone told her that her life could be saved if she ate a monkey's liver.
The wife told her husband to get his monkey friend
so that she would eat his liver. The croc reluctantly went to his monkey friend
and made up a story that his wife had invited him for dinner.
The monkey was very pleased and hopped on the croc's back and off they went.
Half way down the journey the croc related the true reason
for the monkey's visit. The monkey quickly thought of an excuse.
He said, "dear friend, monkey's hang their livers on the tree."
"Let's go back and get it." The croc turned around and they returned
to the tree. The monkey jumped up and climbed
up the tree as high as he could. The croc waited and waited
and finally yelled out, "friend, where are you". The monkey picked a coconut
and threw it at the croc saying "Go, away, I don't ever
want to see you again". You are not a true friend
and monkeys don't hang their livers on trees,
we have them inside us."

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