Von Borgengruft's Tips
For Budding Online Illustrators and Authors

Working Free-Hand in Paintbrush

1. Draw Oval
2. Outline Position of Mouth, nose, ears and eyebrows
3. Add eyes
4. Add Hair [black], eye and ear details
5. To achieve the grey beard and hair effect,
add dark grey, then light grey
6. Dark brown shading, skin colouring and background

Additional Notes:

(a) 'Detail' work is better accomplished using the Zoom Feature

(b) An easy way to achieve symmetry: draw one eye using the the 'oval' feature,
then copy and paste them both into the desired positon

(c) Always use the 'smallest size' option when painting (drawing] lines .

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The Importance of Background

Promoting Your Work

The Internet offers limitless opportunities for gaining recognition of our creative efforts. How to get people to view the material that we have put together with such loving care and precision? Should we opt for Banner Exchanges or Web Rings? I say yes to both, but be selective.

However, the importance of listing sites with Search Engines and Directories cannot be over-emphasized. This is a rather tedious process and very time consuming, but it pays off in the end. If you want your email box to be filled with junk mail, then go the 'easy' way by having one of the many 'submit it' services list your sites for you. Unfortunately, this method does not give one the opportunity to choose whether or NOT to receive periodic updates, newsletters etc.....they just keep coming. So, I would suggest that you do it yourself.

And, don't list only with the Major Search Engines. Look for the smaller specialty ones. Sometimes these little engines will agressively promote the URLS in their own Database, as a matter of course, listing them with all the major internet resources. Then there are the many excellent ONLINE publishing sites.

Last, but not least, the posting of 'invitations to visit'on various message boards will increase traffic substantially. And, of course, SHARED LINKS with other sites.....all these factors will help us to achieve our cherished goal of sharing the fruits of our labours.


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