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The Wizard Of Nez
Part 12

The group walked through the haunted forest ever so slowly getting nearer and nearer to the witches castle. Tinman held his guitar, Scarecrow held a sharpened pitchfork just in case he was torn apart, Lion help onto a giant net, and Davy held Toto. The approached a sign:

Witched Castle
1 mile that way ~>
I'd turn back if I were you

Lion: "I'd turn back if I were you." (The other three shake their heads as Lion tries to turn around. Tinman and Scarecrow stop him.)

Scarecrow: I believe there're ghosts around here.

Tinman: Ghosts? That's just silly is what that is. Ghosts; ridiculous.

Lion (shaking): Don't...Don't you believe in ghosts?

Tinman: Heck no. Why I...(Suddenly, Tinman is lifted off the ground by some mysterious force the falls seconds later behind them.)

Davy: Oh! Tinman, are you alright?

Davy, Scarecrow and Toto ran up to assist Tinman back to his feet leaving Lion praying and chanting:

Lion: I do believe in ghosts. I do believe in ghosts. I do I do I do I do.

Scarecrow (from behind): Lion, quite it with the marital vows and help us get Tinman back up.

As Lion ran to help, the witch with the aid of her crystal ball, watched the goings on she herself was creating. She cackled loudly then turned to the general of her army of flying monkeys.

Witch: I've weakened them up for you. Now go get me that boy and his dog. Don't worry about the others, they won't bother you, I promise you that. And be extra careful with those ruby slippers. I want those most of all. Now Go! Go! (She stands at the window as the army of thousands fly by) Go! Go! Go!

Back in the woods, the three looked up to the sky as they heard the commotion and saw the army of monkeys flying toward them. The scattered as small groups attacked them all. Monkeys surrounded Tinman taking his guitar and tossing it aside. A group began tearing away at the Scarecrow as he yelped for help. Two flying hellions chased Davy until he tripped. They then grasped him by both shoulders and lifted him up in the air. He screamed for help as they took him higher and higher. Toto barked after his master until another of the monkeys picked him up and followed behind. After Davy and Toto were long gone, the army took to the sky again leaving the other three behind scattered and bewildered. Tinman met up with Lion.

Tinman: Are you alright?

Lion: I think so. Where's Davy?

Scarecrow (out of sight): Help!

Tinman: It's Scarecrow. We'd better help him.

The two ran up to Scarecrow, now just a talking head and upper torso, his arms flailing.

Scarecrow: What took you?

Tinman: What happened to you?

Scarecrow: First the tore my chest out and threw it over in the woods. Then the tore my legs off and threw it behind you. Then...

Tinman (interrupting): Oh, that's you all over.

Lion: I hope it didn't hurt getting the stuffings beat out of you.

Scarecrow: Oh, just help me get back together. We've gotta go find Davy.

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