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The Wizard Of Nez
Part 11

The corridor was long and green. Each step the group took echoed and the sound blended with the next step. Lion shook the most. He played with his tail crying in fear and wiping his eyes with it.

Lion (shaking, crying): You know what fellas? I think I'll go and wait outside. (He starts turning around; Davy and Tinman stop him.)

Davy: Why? You came all this way already.

Lion: I'm too scared to ask the Wizard for courage.

Davy: We'll ask him for you.

Lion: I'd still want to wait outside.

Davy: Why? Why?

Lion: I'm still scared. (He pulls his tail) Ahhhhhhh (He turns around again.)

Davy: What happened now?

Lion: Somebody pulled tail.

Scarecrow: You did it yourself.

Tinman helped Lion drop his tail and the group took another giant forward when the enormous roar of the Wizards voice stopped them temporarily.

Wizard: Come forward!

Lion (covering eyes): Tell me when it's all over.

The group marched the rest of the way into the Wizards main chambers. Once again, this room was riddled in several shaded of green in many streamline patterns and protrusions from the wall. Before the group, a rostrum blew fire, smoke and steam and a hideous green-headed hologram floated above the miscellany.

Wizard: Who dare come to come and see the great Wizard of Nez?

The group pushed Davy forward and coaxed him to speak on behalf of the group.

Davy: My name is Davy Jones. I'm just a lowly boy from Kansas. Well, not really from Kansas; I moved to Kansas from England after...

Wizard (interrupting, screaming): Get on with it!

Davy: Well, we've come to ask you...

Wizard (interrupting): I know what' you've come to ask me! (Davy runs back into the protection of the group.) Step forward Tinman!

Tinman, rattling in his tin, stepped forward, clutching his guitar for dear life.

Tinman: Yes your Nezidry...I mean you majesty...I mean...

Wizard: Silence! (Tinman shakes and quiets.) You've come to my abode to asking for a heart, right you swinging stack of silver, slovenly sweepings?

Tinman (shaking, rattling): Yes. Yes that's right. Y'see, a little while ago, we all were walking along the yellow brick road and...

Wizard: Quiet! (Tinman screams and runs back to the group.) Now you, Scarecrow, come forward. (Scarecrow stumbles forward falling to his knees.) You, you dare ask for a brain, you palpitating pile of cow comestibles?

Scarecrow (bowing): You are correct of great wizard.

Wizard: Enough groveling! (Scarecrow scurries back to the group.) And now you, Lion. (The others push Lion forward.) Well? (Lion faints. The others run to his aid.)

Davy (appalled): You ought to be ashamed of yourself for doing that. All he wanted was your help. You didn't have to go and frighten him like that.

Wizard: Silence! The Great Wizard of Nez has ever desire of granting your requests.

Lion (waking up): What'd he say? What'd he say?

Wizard: But first, you must prove you want this. You must perform, for me, a test of virtue. Bring me the broomstick of the Wicked Witch of the West.

Tinman: We can't do that. We'd have to kill her to do that.

Wizard: Get me the broomstick and I will do your bidding. Now go.

Lion: But what if we get killed first?

Wizard: GO!

Lion, startled and freaked, jumped and bolted toward the door running down the hall only to meet up with a window and jumping out it into the garden.

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