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The Wizard Of Nez
Part 13

In the Witch's castle in her main quarters, Davy stood shivering in fear as the witch held his dog with her general behind him holding a basket.

Witch: What a good little dog. (She turns and puts Toto in the basket. She turns back to Davy) Now, my little pretty, you know what I want.

Davy: What are you going to do with my dog? And why do you keep calling me your "little pretty"?

Witch: Your dog will be fine and he'll be returned to you once you give me back my slippers.

Davy: But the Good Witch told me not to.

Witch: Have it your way. (To the monkey general.) Take that basket and throw it in the river.

Davy: No, don't drown my dog. Please, take the slippers just give me back my dog.

Witch: Good boy. I knew you'd do the right thing. (She bends down to take off the slippers but as he hands get close, sparks fly shocking the witch's hands.) Ahhhhh! (She stands back up more cross than before.)

Davy: I'm sorry. I didn't do that. Can I still have my dog back?

Witch: No! I'm stupid to forget I can't take those off. That is, as long as you're still alive. But that's not my worry; it's how to do it. You see, these things must be done with great care or the spell his hurt.

As this was going on, Toto fought his way out of the basket and jumps down scurrying to the door.

Davy: Run Toto! Run boy!

The Witch turned around and saw the dog run.

Witch (to the monkey): Catch him, you idiot. Catch him!

The monkey hopped out the door down the stares after the dog. Soon, a small section of the Witch's evil guards followed chasing the dog. As Toto reached the drawbridge, it began to rise. Toto jumped landing on the ground and headed for the mountains. The guards threw their spears but to no avail. Toto escaped.

Davy (watching from the door): He got away! Good boy! (He turns to meet the Witch's ugly face above his.)

Witch: He may have escaped but you're still trapped. And I'm still going to get those shoes. (She turns to her table and takes her giant hour glass of read sand) See this? This is how much longer you have to be alive and it isn't long at all. (He turns the hourglass over and sets it on the table and heads for the door.) I can't wait forever to get those slippers.

The witch slammed to door leaving Davy frightened and trapped in the room. He sat by the window with his chin rested atop his knees. He thought of his farm and how he ran away. He though of his family. He thought of his new friends. He hoped they would come soon. It was bad enough he had to die but by a witch that called him his "little pretty".

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