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The Wizard Of Nez
Part 10

The men dashed down the remaining road all the way to the door of the city. Davy arrived first and jumped for the bell ringing it as loud as it could be rung. From a small door on the larger door to the city, a strange, rosy-cheeked, big nosed, blond-haired doorman poked his head out.

Doorman: Who rang the bell?

Group: We did.

Doorman: Can't you see the sign?

Group: What sign?

Doorman: The one right by the door.

He turned and notices the missing sign. He retreated into the door and comes back out handing a sign then retreated again closing the door.

Group (reading the sign): Doorbell out of order. Use knocker.

Davy pulled up the knocker on the door and knocked five times. The Doorman came out again smiling.

Doorman: That's more like it. Now, how can I help you.

Group: We've come to see the wizard.

Doorman (shocked): The Wizard? What right do you have to see the Wizard of Nez? Nobody's seen him including me.

Davy: Well, how do you there's a wizard if you've never seen him?

Doorman: Because...Because...Oh, you're wasting my time!

Davy: But the Good Witch of the North sent me here.

Doorman: I don't believe it.

Davy: She gave me these ruby slippers I'm wearing.

Doorman (looking at the slippers): Those look like the witch's slippers.

Davy: Well, I dropped my house on her so Glinda gave them to me.

Doorman: Well, I guess I can't refuse an evil witch killer. Come on in.

The doorman retreated for the third time back into the city and the doors began to slowly open. Inside revealed a huge array of green everything. The people dressed in green, the walls and floors were green, the water was green, even the plants and flowers were green.

The group walked in and marveled at the surroundings when a big collective gasp came from the center of town and everyone pointed to the sky. There, in sky in big black smoke letters, were the words "Surrender Davy". The four huddled and shivered in fear.

Lion: Who's that? Who's that?

Davy: It's the Wicked Witch. She must be following us.

Scarecrow: We'd better hurry if we want to see the wizard.

The Four ran with the masses all heading toward the door to the Wizard. The blond haired, bearded guard prepared himself with his spear and single-handedly held the crowd back away from the door.

Guard: Calm Down! Calm Down! I've spoken with the Wizard and he is worried as well. So he wants you to all go home and there's nothing to worry about. Go home.

The crowd murmured to each other and slowly walked away around the four who made their way to the door before the guard. Davy stood out front of the rest.

Davy: Please sir, we'd all like to see the Wizard. All four of us if he could.

Guard: Orders are, no one can see the magnificent Nez; not no one; not no way!

Tinman (to Scarecrow and Lion): And I thought I didn't have a heart.

Scarecrow (stepping forward next to Davy): Look Mr. Guard, This here's Davy and...

Guard (interrupting): Wait, the Davy the witch is after?

Davy: The same.

Guard: Well, that makes a difference. I'll go see what I can do.

The Guard dramatically turns around, his cloak flying, As the door slammed closed behind the guard, the group turned to each other smiling and excited.

Scarecrow: He's seeing what he can do. This is great. I feel like I have a brain yet.

Tinman: I can almost here the beat of my heart I'll be getting.

Davy: Toto and I will be home on time to eat dinner.

Lion: Before tonight, I'll be the king once again.

Scarecrow: The king! (Bowing before the Lion) My king.

Tinman (in a thicker Texan accent): Dost thou need a minstrel to your court (holding up guitar)?

Davy: Your majesty, if you were king, you wouldn't be afraid of anyone?

Lion: NOT no one; NOT no way.

Davy: Not even a raccoon.

Lion: What a maroon.

Scarecrow: Suppose you met a chimpanzee.

Lion: Why I'd make him bend down on one knee.

Tinman: What if it was Citizen Kane?

Lion: Why, I'd wrap him up in cellophane.

Davy: How about a whole male chorus?

Lion: I'd show them who's king of the forest.

Davy, Scarecrow, and Tinman: How?

Lion: How? Courage. What makes a boss out of a workingman? Courage. What makes a whole High School marching band? Courage. What makes the eagle fly, the salmon swim, in currant so rough or air so thin? What keeps those men proposing to women? Courage. What makes the crock pot more than just a pot? What puts the t-h-o in thought? What do they got that I ain't got?

Davy, Scarecrow, and Tinman: Courage?

Lion: You ain't just whistling Dixie boys.

Just then, the Guard burst out of the door dramatically. Everyone jumped.

Guard: The Wizard said to go home. Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time!

The Guard then walked back in and slams the door. The four looks at each other sadly.

All: Go Home?

Scarecrow: Looks like we did all that walking for nothing.

Davy: No (beginning to cry) No, we can't go away. I have to get home.

Tinman: Aw, don't cry Davy. We'll get to see the Wizard.

Scarecrow; You better believe it.

Just then, the guard slowly opened a small window on the door and began listening in on the sad conversation.

Davy: I wanted to go home. I still want to go home. This professor I'd never met before told me my aunt was dying. I shouldn't' have run away from Aunt Em. She was only trying to follow the law by giving Toto to Miss West.

The Guard began sobbing.

Davy: Now I'll never forgive myself for running away.

Guard (sobbing): Oh, I can't stand to see and grown boy cry. (The four turn around. Davy stops crying.) Come on in. I'll get you to see the Wizard. I had an Aunt Em once and I ran away too. Now look at me.

The Guard closed the window and the giant doors swung open. All four men took hands and slowly walked through the doors.

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