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The Wizard Of Nez
Part 9

As the group of four near the edge of the woods, that look out and see the beautiful view of the illustrious Emerald City just past said field of Poppies. The three look out upon the view in awe.

Davy: Look, it's the city. It's amazing.

Tinman: What're we waiting for then? Let's get on up there.

Scarecrow: Yes let's go.

Davy: Let's run.

Lion: Wait for me.

The four took off for the city at full speed excited and anxious. The Scarecrow and Tinman pulled out ahead but Davy, Lion, and Toto began to slow down. Their strength diminished.

Tinman: Come on! Come on!

Scarecrow: Hurry! Hurry!

Tinman and Scarecrow reached the top of a small hill and stopped waiting for their friends to catch up to them slowly.

Davy (weary): Oh, what's wrong with me? I'm so tired all of a sudden.

Scarecrow (whining): But we're almost there.

Davy (tired): Just give me a minute to rest. We're Toto. (Toto is sleeping in the flowers.)

Tinman: Come on. We'll pull you up.

Davy curls up in the flowers and falls asleep. Lion gets down to join him.

Lion: Y'know a nap sound good (yawning) right about now.

Tinman: You can't go to sleep. We've gotta drag Davy.

The two pull Lion up but he only fell back and into dead sleep. Scarecrow pulled on Davy but he would not budge.

Scarecrow: I can't move him at all. I bet you this is a spell by the witch.

Tinman: If we can't move them, what're we going to do? HELP! HELP!

Scarecrow: Oh like screaming's going to help us here. HELP! HELP!

As the two men called help, the good witch of the North, who had been watching over them since the journey began, waved her staff and made light snowflakes fall that would wake the sleeping people and Toto.

Scarecrow: It's snowing. Where'd the snow come from? Maybe it was sent to help.

Tinman: How's snow going to hel...(He is cut off I mid sentence after being frozen by the snow.)

Scarecrow: You're right; it won't help. (He sees Davy waking up.) Wait, it is helping. He's waking up. Davy, you OK? (He helps Davy to his feet.)

Davy: Yeah, I'm fine now. Is this snow?

Scarecrow: Yeah. Why?

Davy: Well, in Kansas it doesn't snow too often.

The Lion and Toto soon woke up.

Lion (standing up): Snow on a warm day, what're the odds?

Then the group noticed the rusted Tinman.

Davy: Oh no. He's rusted. Get the oil can quick.

As the group de-rusted Tinman again, the Wicked Witch stomped around in her room after witnessing the group's recovery from her spell.

Witch: Ooooo Who is helping him along? I mark my words, I'm going to stop him and all of those who try and help him.

Tinman was finally de-rusted and the group ran to the end of the flower field.

Davy: Look, it's so close, nothing can stop us now.

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