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The Wizard Of Nez
Part 8

Farther down the yellow brick road, the surround woods became thicker and denser. The light disappeared behind all the brush of the trees. The three slowed there steps and grew more edgy and alert with every step farther and farther into the woods. Scarecrow began to shiver in fear. Tinman stood confident on the outside and empty, literally, on the inside.

Davy: Someone sure turned on the dark back there.

Scarecrow: Now, I'm not keen on these things but it seems it'll get darker before it gets lighter.

Tinman: I'm just worried the animals around here may slow us down.

Davy (frightened): Animals? What kind of Animals?

Scarecrow (shaking): Animals that eat straw or any kind of dead grass?

Tinman: Well, maybe a few, but most of the animals around here are lions, tigers and bears.

Davy: Lions!

Scarecrow: And tigers?

Tinman: And bears.

Davy: In the forest? Shouldn't they be in the jungle.

Tinman: They're all temperate cats and bears around here.

Davy: Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh my.

Scarecrow & Davy: Lions and Tigers and Bears.

Davy: Oh my.

As this pattern continued, the three marched quicker down the path. Tinman picked up his "ax" and began playing chords listening to himself and the words his buddies were chanting. He then held the group back.

Tinman: Hold up hold up hold up. (Scarecrow and Davy stop marching and chanting. They look to Tinman curiously.) I think I just wrote a song here with what you were singing. Take a listen:
Oh, my, my...
There are lions everywhere
Oh, my, my...
They're hiding all around
Oh, my, my...
There are lions everywhere
Oh, my, my...
Oh let's hit the ground.
(Tinman stops playing.) What do you think.

As Davy and the Scarecrow begin to answer, a loud roar echoes about them and behind them. Suddenly, a huge hairy, blond lion jumps out from behind the trees and separated the group. Scarecrow cowers against the curb, Tinman holds back to a bolder on the side of the road, and Davy and Toto hid behind a tree for protection. The Lion growled at each of them individually then began to address them as a collective.

Lion: Put up your dukes, I dare ya. I could fight you all together if you want. I can fight ya with just my tail. I could fight ya with just my thumbs. I can fight you with my lawyer. (Addressing the Tinman) Come to deafen me with your ax, eh? (Addressing the Scarecrow) Trying to sneak up and scare me huh? Well, put you're gloves up you bulging bag of bird nests.

Scarecrow: Now that's getting too personal lion.

Tinman (to Scarecrow): Yeah, go on and show him what you've got.

Scarecrow (to Tinman): But you've got so much more than me.

Tinman: But I don't know him as well as you do obviously.

Just then, Toto began barking wildly at the lion. Lion saw this and turned to him ready to attack.

Lion: I'll get you, you little dog you.

Lion jumped to attack when brave little Davy courageously picked up his dog and ran from the lion leading him to the road. Then, as the lion caught up, Davy stepped on the lions foot with enormous force. The lion clutched his foot and began jumping up and down in pain sobbing.

Davy: How dare you attack my dog!

Lion (sobbing): What did you step on my foot for? I didn't hurt him.

Davy: You tried to though. My goodness. What is the world coming to when a lion can come and pick on poor little defenseless dogs? And look at you crying. Why you're nothing but a great big coward.

Lion (sobbing): You're so right; I am a big coward. I'm such a coward, I even scare myself. Look at me. I so afraid of the dark, I haven't slept in weeks.

Tinman: Have you tried counting sheep?

Lion (sobbing): I can't. I'm too afraid of them.

Scarecrow: Gee, he's really pathetic. You think the Wizard could help him too?

Davy: I can't see why he couldn't.

Lion (sniffling): Really? You'd take me to see a wizard?

Tinman: We're all going to see the Wizard. I'm getting a heart and he's getting a brain (pointing to Scarecrow).

Davy: And I'm trying to get home.

Lion (recovering from crying): Gee that's really nice of you all. I've...I've just been a coward my whole life. I can't stand it anymore. I should be the king of this forest but I'm nothing but laughingstock.

Davy: Well, let's keep going. I feel we're almost out of these woods yet.

Davy put Toto back down and the group of now four began to assemble again and walked down the path once again towards the Emerald City and their destinies. Little did they know that the Wicked Witch was watching them through her giant crystal ball. She was accompanied by her trusty Flying Monkey general in her laboratory atop her huge castle complete with her many bedrooms and bathrooms.

Witch (to the General): They think they're safe now? Well, they're thinking wrong. I know just what to do. Something with poison I believe, will do the trick.

She picked up a crucible of a steaming substance and took off the top. Then, taking the grinder out, she began slowly rubbing it around her crystal ball which now reveals a field of flowers.

Witch: Poppies will put them all to sleep. Sleeeeeeep. Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

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