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The Wizard Of Nez
Part 7

As the two new friends walked the path, they catch walked between an apple grove with trees holding fresh ripe apples. Davy's pallet watered as he saw the luscious fruit hanging from the branches. Little did they know that the Witch enchanted this grove and these trees were no ordinary trees.

Davy: Oh, I love apples.

Scarecrow: Let's get some then.

The two stepped up to one of the trees and Davy picked an apple from its branch. Afterwards and to his surprise, the branch grabbed the apple back and slapped his hand.

Tree: What are you doing picking my apples?

Davy: I was hungry. What're you doing swatting my hand? It's your job to grow apples. Wait a second, I'm talking to a tree!

Tree: How would you like it if I came and started picking at you?

Davy (to Scarecrow): I forgot I'm not in Kansas.

Scarecrow: C'mon Davy. Let's not have his apples. They're probably all rotten and full of bugs.

Tree: How dare you say that about my apples.

The three started picking its own apples and threw them at the two men. Davy and Scarecrow dodged them and ran to the opposite side of the road where already fallen apples lay. Davy crawled on the ground to pick them up when his face met with a rusted tin leg. He followed it up the tin pelvic region then to the tin chest and saw the tin body. The Tinman wore a tin funnel on his head shaped as a wool hat and held a guitar in his hands by the frets appearing to be in mid whack with the tree beside him.

Davy: Scarecrow, look! It's a man made out of tin.

As the Scarecrow approached, there came a muffled call from the Tinman's mouth.

Davy (putting his ear closer to Tinman's mouth): What was that?

Tinman (muffled): Oil can.

Davy: Oil can?

Scarecrow: Oil can what?

Davy (spotting oilcan on a stump near Scarecrow; pointing): That oil can. (Scarecrow picks up can.)

Scarecrow (to Tinman): Where do you want it first?

Tinman (muffled): Mouth. Mouth.

Scarecrow: You're mouth?

Tinman (muffled): Yes.

The Scarecrow took the can and tested it to see it the oil still sprayed oil. When it did, he squirted a little in the man's mouth and neck then handed it to Davy for him to do the same thing. The Tinman moved his mouth around and finally opened it.

Tinman: Ma...Ma...My gosh. I can finally talk again. Oh, do my arms please. And my elbows too.

Davy took the oilcan and squirted the Tinman's chopping arm. After doing so, he handed the can to scarecrow to continue. Davy took old of the Tinman's arm and pulled it down, guitar and all.

Davy: I'm sorry. Did that hurt?

Tinman (relieved): Oh no. I've held that thing up forever.

Davy: What happened to you?

Tinman: Well, about a year or so ago, I came to chop this here tree down and then this freak thunderstorm came. Well, needless-to-say, I rusted solid and I'd been that way ever since.

Scarecrow: Why were you using a guitar to chop down a tree?

Tinman: It's my Ax.

Davy: Oh. That makes sense.

Scarecrow: Well?

Tinman: Well what?

Scarecrow: Aren't you going to thank us for un-rusting you?

Tinman: I wasn't planning on it.

Scarecrow (surprised): Oh, why not?

Tinman: I ain't got no heart so why should I say thank you?

Scarecrow: "Ain't got no", that's a double negative therefore you do have a heart and thus owe us gratitude for it.

Davy: I don't think that's what he meant. My Uncle Henry sounds like that and that line doesn't work on him either.

Tinman (to Scarecrow): Sorry about that though. You tried your best.

Scarecrow: Wait a minute. Why is it you can say sorry but you can't say thank you?

Tinman: Gee you must not have any brains talking back to a tall strong woodsman like that when you're just a scrawny strawman.

Scarecrow: How'd you guess?

Davy: Hey, maybe we should ask the Tinman if he wants to come with us to see the Wizard of Nez about getting a heart.

Scarecrow: Why not?

Tinman: But what if he didn't give me one when we got there?

Scarecrow: Then I guess you wouldn't be the only heartless person out there, would you? (He lightly pushes the Tinman on the shoulder with his fist.)

Tinman (to Scarecrow): Don't do that.

Davy: He'd have to though. I mean, we'd come all this way already.

Just then, there was a large blast from behind and the witch stood in the middle of a slowly diffusing cloud of red smoke atop a large rock by the side of the road.

Witch: You call that long. Why, you've only just begun the journey. And I see you're helping him along the way too, are you my good men? Well stop! Or I'll feed you to my horses (pointing to the Scarecrow). And you (pointing to the Tinman) I'll use you to store my dried foods for the winter. (A large ball of hire forms in the Witch's hand) Hey Scarecrow, want to play catch?

She threw the ball at the Scarecrow and a small patch of grass caught fire. Tinman put it out with his hat as the Witch cackled and disappeared in another cloud of smoke. Tinman returned to his feet once the fire was put out.

Scarecrow: What a witch. Don't worry, Davy, I'll help you get to the Wizard whether I get my brain or not. Feed me to her horses will she?

Tinman: And I'll get you there whether I get my heart or not. Storing dried food for the winter my tin behind. I'd like to see he try.

Davy: Wow, you guys are the greatest friends for just meeting you today. And you both remind me of people I know.

Scarecrow: I don't see how you could. You probably weren't even born when I was put together.

Tinman: And I was rusting over there by that tree for the longest time.

Davy: I wish I could place you but I guess it doesn't matter now. I mean, we know each other now. Well, let's get going.

Scarecrow: Off to the Emerald City we go!

Tinman: Shouldn't I play you a song telling about my pain of not having a heart first?

Davy: Scarecrow didn't. Why should you?

Tinman: I have a guitar.

Davy: Oh, well, maybe later. I want to get home.

So the three friends assembled themselves in a line along the yellow brick road and after a confirming nod from everyone and a smile, the three marched off in a uniform step arms and legs moving in perfect sequence except for Scarecrows occasional sliding down. Toto followed closely behind running circles around the three men's feet.

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