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The Wizard Of Nez
Part 6

Down the road a ways, Davy and Toto come to a crossing. There are four distinct long paths that continue with the yellow brick road. Luminous corn fields surround either corner of the road. Davy stops in the middle and looks around.

Davy: Follow the yellow brick road? How am I suppose to follow the yellow brick road if it splits up like this?

Then, a mysterious voice answers from behind him.

Scarecrow: Excuse me but that way's a lovely way.

Davy turns around only to see a scarecrow pointing down a branch of the road, his face straight. He wore a green patched shirt and brown pants. His "hair" stuck out from under his brown funnel shaped hat like a curly mess of straw.

Davy: Who said that?

There was no answer. Then the scarecrow switched arms and points down another path.

Scarecrow: That way's lovely too.

Davy (making a double-take, to Toto): That's strange. Wasn't the scarecrow just pointing the other way?

Then, both scarecrow's arms cross pointing down both paths.

Scarecrow: Though I've seen people go both ways.

Davy: Wait, that was you, wasn't it?

Scarecrow shakes his head frowning the smiles mischievously and nods rapidly.

Davy: are you doing that on purpose or can't you make up your mind?

Scarecrow: That's the thing; I don't have a mind to make up. I don't have a brain. It's all straw.

Davy: Then how can you talk if you don't have a brain?

Scarecrow: Beats me. But don't people without brains do a whole lot of talking?

Davy: Well, I've never met anyone without a brain but I guess you're right. We haven't met yet, have we?

Scarecrow: No, we haven't, have we?

Davy: How do you do?

Scarecrow: Oh, I've got a pain in my back like you wouldn't believe.

Davy: You do? That's to bad. Maybe I can help.

Scarecrow: Oh, that would be very gracious of you.

Davy steps up from the road and walks behind Scarecrow to see if he can figure out a way to free him. There is only a long wooden pole and a large nail.

Davy: Gee, I can't seem to see any way to get you down.

Scarecrow: Now, I don't know but if you bend the nail down, I might slip off it.

Davy: Oh sure. I'll try that.

Davy bends the nail down and Scarecrow falls to the ground and rolls off the grass to the road dropping bunches of straw. Davy ran over to check on him worried he may have hurt himself.

Scarecrow (picking up a bunch of straw): There I go again. Get it?

Davy: Are you alright?

Scarecrow: Oh sure. This happens all the time. I just pick it up and stuff it back into my shirt again. (He stuffs the straw in the opening of his shirt and stands up.) Boy it's great to be free. (He spins around happily and trips over the fence. Davy runs to check on him again.)

Davy: Oh my gosh!

Scarecrow: Did I scare you?

Davy: No, I just thought you might have hurt yourself.

Scarecrow: But you weren't scared?

Davy: Of course not. Why would you think that?

Scarecrow: Well, I'm a scarecrow but not a very good one. All the crows just laugh at me every time they land on me. I'm a bad scarecrow because I don't have a brain.

Davy: Well, I'm going to visit this wizard who's suppose to help me get home to Kansas. Maybe he can help you.

Scarecrow: Oh I don't want to be a burden on you. But that does sound tempting.

Davy: Oh, maybe you shouldn't. There's this witch mad at me because I dropped a house on her sister and you might get into trouble.

Scarecrow: A witch? I'm not afraid of a little old witch. Well, unless she can make fire.

Davy: I don't blame you.

Scarecrow: Oh, but I'd face a whole forest fire for the chance of finally getting a brain. Please bring me along.

Davy: Sure, why not?

Scarecrow: Great! We're off to see a wizard!

The two jumped up and after getting brushed off and ready, they began to walk down one of the paths off the crossing. As Scarecrow marched, he slowly started sinking down when he was recovered by Davy who pulls him up by the collar again.

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