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The Wizard Of Nez
Part 5

Davy cautiously stood up and held Toto in one hand. The two slowly exited the room and walked down the hall, through the living room to the front door. He opened the door revealing an awesome sight. Technicolor everywhere filled the scene. The flora and fauna reflected the light as if everything thing were plastic. Davy and Toto exited the house and stood in confusion and awe at their surroundings.

Davy: You know something Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.

Davy put Toto down and walked out more marveling at the tiny houses that were even too small for him to walk in and the beautifully paved ground.

Davy: We must be in that place I wasn't aloud to sing about.

He looked out upon the hills and something unusual and pink floating in the air caught his eye. Is slowly came closer and closer towards him. He walked back farther and farther. It was a huge bubble. It landed just inside the parapet and dissolved into a tall beautifully dress woman with blond hair and dark sideburns. It was Glinda, the Witch of the North.

Glinda (sweetly, in a slight Texas accent): Are you a good witch or a bad witch?

Davy: Excuse me?

Glinda: Are you a good witch or a bad witch?

Davy: I'm sorry lady but I'm not a witch. I'm a boy.

Glinda: I see. Well is that dog a witch?

Davy: Um, no. He's a dog.

Glinda: Well this one stumps me. The munchkins called me saying a witch just horribly mutilated the wicked witch of the East. That wouldn't happen to be your house there on those two long striped legs with the ruby slippers, would it?

Davy looker over to see his farmhouse lying atop a pare of legs attached to big feet wearing none other than a pair of ruby evening slippers.

Davy: That's my house but I'm still not a witch.

Glinda: But you're good, right?

Davy: Of course.

Glinda: Good. So am I. I'm Glinda: the Good Witch of the North here good buddy.

Davy: Well, pardon me for saying this Glinda but you know you have dark sideburns with your blond hair.

Glinda: So I'm not a natural blond. Sue me. (Smiling) What's your name little boy?

Davy: Davy Jones, from Kansas.

Glinad: Kansas?

Davy: Well, I'm from England but I live in Kansas.

Glinda: Kid, this is Nez. I've never heard of either of those places.

Davy: Nez?

Glinda: Oh, but come and meet the munchkins. See whom you have saved from the evil witch. (Calling around her.) Come out! Come out! Come and meet the boy who drop his house on the witch. (No one comes out. She turns to Davy and smiles embarrassed.) Ehehe...(She clears her throat and screams) GET OUT HERE YOU LITTLE MIDGETIS!

Scattered groups of munchkins began to come out of the bushes, from under the pavement, and from out the houses. They seem timid as they come out to observe the stranger and the once kind witch of the North. Music emanated from the air and Glinda began to slowly walk delicately pulling Davy along.

Glinda (singing with music):
Come out Come out
From whence you hide
And meet the young boy
Who just dropped from the sky

He came with his house
And fell from a cloud
He landed on the witch
And, for this, we are proud

Munchkins (singing):
He landed on the witch
And, for this, we are proud

Glinda (singing):
Good tidings, he brings
And many good things
We hope evil comes soon
Before the boy sings.

The two reach the top of a platform at this point in the song and Davy opened his mouth preparing to sing when there came a blast from the middle of the small village. Purple smoke filled the air and the munchkins scattered. As the smoke cleared; a disheveled-haired, green faced hag; crouched and with her rugged broomstick; stood cackling and looking around at the munchkins, scaring them with her heinous face. Davy gasped. The witch caught sight of the house that had fallen on her sister.

Davy (whispering to Glinda): I though I killer her with my house.

Glinda: That was her sister, the Wicked witch of the East. This is the Wicked Witch of the West and she's much worse than the other.

Davy: Oh, now you tell me.

Witch (in a snarling voice): Who killed my sister? Who dropped their house on the Witch of the East? Was it you? (She points her broom at Davy.)

Davy: No! Well, not on purpose.

Witch: Well, little boy, I can make mistakes too.

Glinda: Ain't you forgetting the ruby slippers?

Witch: Yes! The magic slippers. (She turns to retrieve the slippers form her dead sister's feet when the slippers disappears and the feet curls up and slid under the house.) They're gone! (She turns back to Glinda and Davy.) What did you do to her Glinda? Give them back to me. They're mine!

Glinda: Not anymore West. (She points to Davy's feet with her long staff.) I've put them on the boy and you can't get them off.

Davy: How'd you do that?

Glinda: I've got magic powers. It comes with being a witch.

Witch: Give them to me boy. You don't know how to use them. They're of no use to you.

Glinda: What, you think he's gonna just take them off and give them to an evil sister of the witch he just killed?

Witch: You watch your tongue, North, or I'll fix you up good.

Glinda: Oh, why don't you get out of this town before some house falls on you too. (The Wicked Witch looks up in fear for any falling houses.)

Witch: You may have won this battle, Glinda, but I'll be back. And as for you, little boy, I'll get you my little pretty and your little dog too.

Davy: Little Pretty?

The Wicked Witch steps back cackling and walked into a new cloud of smoke cackling loudly as all the munchkins slowly stood back up again. The smoke cleared and the witch was gone and so was her laugh.

Davy: My goodness. I've only been here five minutes and I've already got an enemy.

Glinda: Yeah but those are the breaks.

Davy: Oh Glinda, how are we going to get home? I can't go by house.

Glinda: You could try. Oh! Well, you could always go and ask the great Wizard of Nez. (The munchkins kneel.)

Davy: The Wizard of Nez? Is he mean or is he nice?

Glinda: Of very nice but very shy and sorta weird. He lives in the Emerald City and that's a long way away. Did you bring your car?

Davy: What's a car?

Glinda: I'll take that as a no. Well, I guess you'll have to walk. (Glinda guides Davy to the yellow brick road in the center of the village. The munchkins circle them.) All you have to do is follow this yellow brick road here and it'll lead you right to the door of the city.

Davy: Just follow the yellow brick road?

Glinda: Just follow the yellow brick road.

Glinda walked out of the circle and over toward the edge of the city. The sea of munchkins parted as she stood smiling at Davy.

Davy: But what'll happen if...

Glinda: Just follow the yellow brick road.

The Witch, after a final smile, the bubble appeared once again and floated off. A few munchkins broke the circle and waved good-bye running after it as it floated away.

Davy: Boy, the strangest people come through here, don't they. (The munchkins giggle. Davy looks at the yellow brick road below his feet.) Follow the yellow brick road? (he takes two steps.) Follow the yellow brick road? (two more steps)

Munchkin One (in a high pitched voice): Follow the yellow brick road. (Davy puts down Toto and takes a few more steps.)

Munchkin Two (same voice): Follow the yellow brick road.

Munchkin Three: Follow the yellow brick road.

Music begins to play again.

Munchkin Chorus (singing):

Follow the yellow brink road.

Follow the yellow brick road.

Follow follow follow follow follow the yellow brick road.

Davy turns to the crowd of munchkins and the music stops with the sound of a record scratch.

Davy: OK! I've got the idea. I'll follow the yellow brick road.

Munchkin One (whispering to Munchkin Two): Boy, he's really got an attitude for a little guy.

The munchkins all follow Davy as he skips down the yellow brick road out of the village smiling. Davy turns and waves good-bye one last time before proceeding down the road, Toto at his feet.

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