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The Wizard Of Nez
Part 4

"Boy, this story's getting so intense," Micky whispered to Peter.

"I know," Peter agreed. "I hope he gets home alright too.

"Oh c'mon Pete, you know the story."

"But I haven't heard this version before."

Micky sighed at his friend's feeble-mindedness and went back to the story already in progress.


Henry and the hired help all scrambled on the farm collecting the animals to put into the barn.

Do-Do: It's a Twister! It's a Twister!

Pickety: No, Do-Do, it's a tornado.

Do-Do: Call it what you want. It's coming!

Emily came out of the house with a sweater around her shoulders. She ran around the house and put a hand to her mouth.

Aunt Em (calling): Davy! Davy!

Henry came around and took her hand pulling her to the storm cellar but she resisted.

Uncle Henry: C'mon Em, we've gotta get into the storm cellar.

Aunt Em: But Davy's still out there all alone.

Uncle Henry: He'll be fine. Now come with me.

Aunt Em: Davy!

Davy ran down the path and to the fence of his house. He kicked down the gate and he and Toto fought the wind to walk to the cellar. On the other side of the house, the cellar doors were closing and Davy was too late. He kicked on the doors but the noise of the wind muffled his attempts.

Davy: Uncle Henry! Aunt Em! Open the door!

Davy gave up and picked up his dog. He ran him into the house to block himself and his dog from the wind. He ran through every room in the house calling everyone's name.

Davy: Auntie Em! Uncle Henry! Shorty! Pickety! Do-Do! Miss West! Well, not Miss West but...Auntie Em!

He made it to his room and sat on the floor clutch his dog protecting him from the noise when suddenly, the window shattered and blew at him striking him in the head. He fell to the bed clutching his head in pain. He lie there in agony when all of a sudden, he glanced out the window. He saw he was flying in the tornado. He was accompanied by flying cows and a flying chicken coup. He saw his aunt knitting in mid air. She waved to him smiling and holding up the scarf she was knitting him. He smiled halfheartedly and waved. Next he saw Henry trying to mount a horse in mid air before he too flew out of sight of his window. Next were the hired help in a row boat. Do-Do and Pickety help the ores and Shorty, armed with a megaphone, called out "stroke". The all waved to Davy then as well and Davy waved back confused. They then flew away. Davy turned down to his dog.

Davy: The tornado must have caught us up in the cyclone.

Just then, Miss West, riding her bike, flew past. She sat erect again with perfect posture on the bike. Then, her image faded and her once ugly tan dress turned into flying black sashes blowing in the wind. She cackled as her bike turned into a broomstick. Davy sat on the bed and clutch his dog as the witch cackled and flew by.

Suddenly, the house began to plummet from the sky. The furniture in the room began to slide haphazardly around the room. Davy held Toto tight so neither would get hurt. Then the house finally landed with a bang and all the furniture bounced on impact. Davy and Toto paused in silence, eerie silence.

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