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The Wizard Of Nez
Part 3

Davy ran past his uncle down that dirt path for what seemed miles. He held Toto tight and refused to let him go for anything. No woman was going to get her hands on his dog. As he slowly began running out of breath, he chanced to catch a traveling entertainer on the side of the road roasting hotdogs over a fire. Davy stopped just behind him and slowly approached the man.

His wagon read "Professor Shooter: International Genius and Psychic". This man had to be able to help Davy with his troubles. He wore black garbs and a black hat with his blond mustache curling at each end. Davy put Toto down and walked up to the man.

Davy: Um...excuse me...(Pro. Shooter turns around to notice the boy.)

Pro. Shooter (graciously): Well, well, well, visitors. How can I help you young man?

Davy: Well, I'm running away from home so my dog isn't put to sleep and I was wondering if...hey wait. If you're a psychic, why did you have to ask me that?

Pro. Shooter: I can't see the future on an empty stomach, can I?

Davy: I guess not.

Pro. Shooter: But, you were wondering if you could join me on my tour around the world, is that correct?

Davy: Yes, that's right.

Pro. Shooter: Well son, running away from home just to save your dog isn't much of a reason to run away, is it now?

Davy: But I don't want that witch taking my dog away.

Pro. Shooter: Well, I'll tell you what. Why don't we go into my wagon and see what my crystal ball thinks about this. The crystal ball never lies.

Davy: Alright.

Professor Shooter stood up from his stump by the fire and the two now acquaintances walked over to the professor's wagon. He slowly guided the boy in and directed him to sit down at a table containing a crystal ball.

Davy: This thing can see the future?

Pro. Shooter: Well, actually it only sees the present but I'm working on the future. (He gazes into the ball carefully.) I see a farm with workers. There are many animals. Chickens I see.

Davy: That's my Aunt and Uncle's farm.

Pro. Shooter: One of them is English, correct?

Davy: My Aunt.

Pro. Shooter: Yes, I see...Wait, I see...I see...

Davy: What? What?

Pro. Shooter: Your Aunt; she's sick.

Davy: No!

Pro. Shooter: She's...Yes, yes, she's fainted.

Davy: No!

Pro. Shooter:'s faded. The picture's faded.

Davy: No! I have to get home.

Pro. Shooter: But I thought you wanted to travel with me.

Davy: No, no. I have to see her right away. (He looks down and spots Toto.) Come boy, we've got to save Auntie Em. (He and his dog run down the path away from the professor as he stands holding onto the reins of his horse. The winds begin to pick up and he has to hold his hat with his free hand.) Thanks a lot professor.

Pro. Shooter (waving): No problem my boy. (He turns his attention to his horse.) We'd better get under the nearest bridge soon, Penelope, it feels like a tornado's coming. Gee I hope that boy gets home OK.

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