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The Wizard Of Nez
Part 2

Riding her bike down the dirt road, Miss West headed toward Davy's house, back straight and erect. On the rack behind her seat was an empty basket, doggy size. Her face, though quite masculine, was stern and quite witch-like. It was the cornerstone to her witch-like persona. Had she been born beautiful, she would not have been called evil but rather misunderstood.

Henry looked up from his painting job to see the woman approach. He stood up and waited to let her in and hit her ugly behind with the gate leaving her hideous bronzed skirt covered in white painted stripes. Miss West parked her bike and dismounted holding her basket. She tilted her hat forward and stamped through the gate to Henry.

Miss West: Good-afternoon Henry.

Uncle Henry: Afternoon Miss West. Davy told us you'd be comin'.

Miss West: I suppose he told you why too.

Uncle Henry: Something about your cat, right?

Miss West: Your dog bit me on the leg.

Uncle Henry: I'm sorry, lady, but you've got the wrong man and his dog.

Miss West: I was speaking of Davy's dog, Toto.

Uncle Henry: Oh, well that's different, isn't it?

Frustrated, Miss West marched through the gate. Henry released the gate ready to hit her on her behind but it just barely missed her and she walked past. Henry snapped his fingers and went back to painting the fence.

In the house, Davy and Emily resided in the living room with Miss West and she sat with perfect posture at the edge of the chair. Davy stood clutching his dog for dear life as Emily sat across from the witch.

Aunt Em: Now really, Miss West, Toto isn't all that mean to people, except for mean people that is.

Miss West: Nevertheless, I'm here to take him to the pound. Dogs like that are not meant for civilized society.

Davy: With all do respect, Miss West, he's just a dog.

Miss West: I have an order from the Sheriff who agrees with me on the matter. (She pulls out a slip of paper and hands it to Aunt Em. Davy reads it over her shoulder.)

Aunt Em: Davy, I'm sorry dear, but it says we must give Toto to her.

Davy: No! You can't give that witch my dog. Punish me instead. Take me to the pound to be put asleep.

Aunt Em: That's very gracious of you son but the order calls for Toto. I'm afraid you're going to have to give Toto up.

Miss West: Ha! I beat you boy. Now cough up the dog.

Davy: No! Oh...I hope a house falls on you. (He runs out the door, Toto in hand. The women do nothing to pursue.)

Aunt Em: He'll be back for dinner.

Miss West: He'd better be. That dog is due for his shot by noon tomorrow.

Aunt Em (frustrated): Oh Miss West, I've had something I've wanted to tell you for the longest time. But now...well...being this a children's story, I can't bring myself to say it. (She runs out of the room sobbing. Miss West is left with her mouth open.)

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