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Myst Island

There is no set way to go through Myst. This is just the way I have layed it out. *****This is a full Walk through of Myst so if you want to keep some of the surprize of Myst leave right now*****

Myst Island

Two Notes:

1. This note step is not vital to finishing MYST.

2. You should first go around the Island and flip all the "marker switches that you see. (There are 7 you can switch and 1 on the clock tower that you can't. There are 8 all together).

As you entered MYST, you may have noticed a "hidden" door that leads down some steps into a room with a fountain or pool. Go in it and drain the water from it by pushing the button in front. Then turn around. You will see a scrap of paper on the wall. On this piece of paper are three things with three numbers. You can ignore them. Click on the paper. It opens and shows two numbers. Enter the number of Marker Switches--8. Turn back around and click the button on the pool (known as the "imager"). You will see a message that Atrus left for his wife, Catherine, telling her of his problem. You can deduce from his message that your task is to figure out which of his sons is guilty.

Using the Library

There is a bookshelf with some ratty looking books. Find it. There will be 4 legible books. Read them carefully and draw out any drawing you see in them (Except for the book with only puzzle clues) Pay attention, there is some good information in those books that will help later. Then, find the red and blue books. There are pages laying next to each one. Put the red and blue pages in the respective books. click on the book, and you will see a message from each of of Atrus's sons, Sirrus and Achenar. They both tell you to find the red and blue pages to set them free. This is the point of MYST, so listen carefully. In each of the four Ages (worlds) there is both a red and a blue page. You should get them both (since you can only carry one page at a time, you'll have to go twice to each Age). Next, to get the clues you'll need, click on the map. It should have white outlines of where you have flipped markers.

Tower Rotation

Start the tower rotation by holding down the tower and watching it rotate. You'll see that when it passes some areas, the beam turns red. Stop on the red spots! This tells you a book that leads to another Age is stored there. (Atrus calls them the "places of protection") Click on the painting that makes the bookcase drop. Follow the tunnel and elevator to the top of the tower. There will be two ladders. One with a book and one with a key. The book ladder shows you where the book is, and the key that you will need to solve the puzzle that leads you there. What follows are explanations to each puzzle that take you to each Age.

Solving the Tree Puzzle--getting to Channelwood!

This one is the hardest to figure out, I think, if you don't know what's going on. The clue for this puzzle is 7,2,4. Inside of the cabin, there is a safe right beside by the door. 7,2,4 is the combination that you should use to open it. There is a a match in it. Light the match, turn around, and go to the boiler. Put the match in the slot in the bottom left-hand corner. Crank the handle with the GREEN arrows. Go until you start to hear a loud sound. Wait until it stops, then crank the wheel back the other way with the RED arrows. Go again until you hear a loud sound. Go quickly behind the cabin. You should see an opening in the tree coming down at you. Climb in the opening. It will take you down. Click on the book, and go to the Channelwood Age!

The puzzle of the sunken ship

The clues from the tower rotation are: October 11, 1984 10:04 AM, January 17, 1207 5:46AM, and November 23, 9791 6:57 PM. Go back to the planetarium and turn the lights off. Sit in the chair and look up. Enter the dates into the machine. You will see three different constallations. These will look familiar if you copied down the constellations written in the books in the Library. These constellations are matched up with symbols. They are Leaf, Snake, Bug. If you go back to the tiny sunken ship in the pool, you will notice pillars with animals and symbols on them. click on the pictures on the pillars next to the pool. The tiny ship will rise in the pool and the big one will also rise in the harbor. Go down to the harbor, go into the cabin. Click on the book, and go to the Stoneship Age!

Golem in the Gears (Gear Puzzle)

The gears are actually opened up by solving the puzzle at the clock tower, which is in the water. By turning the two wheels or valves on the shore, you can change the time of the clock. Set the time for 2:40. A bridge will appear from the water. When you get into the clock tower, there is a game like a slot machine. You have to crank right, left, right and quickly pull while the wheels are still is going, so that only the top row moves to get 2,2,1. PC users can also use right-click to stop the wheel ( At least in win95 you can). Return to the gears, a trap door will open, exposing a book, click on it, and go to the Mechanical Age!

Solving the Spaceship Puzzle

The hint from the tower is 59 volts. If you go to the generator room, (it has generators as far as the eye can see and a yellow light on top of the building). There are 10 buttons that control the power. Each one has a different value. Clicking each one on will either add or subtract that value. There are many, many combinations that will produce "59". There are also handles behind the generator building that will reset everything. Now that the power is on, you can open the Spaceship door. If you kept good notes at the library, you will remember a piano key diagram. (OR you can go back to the library now and get it!) There is a keyboard in the spaceship that is the same as the diagram. 5 notes must be reproduced in order, first on the keyboard, then on the lever/control pannel in the nose of the ship. The easiest way to get the same notes on the lever machine is to count the notes as you raise the levers. This is tough and will make you mad! Count up (in order 1-5), 8 notes up, 20, 23, 13, and 6 notes up. Then pull the lever. It must be exact! It will play the notes. If you did it right, a light comes on, and the next book appears. Click on it, and go to the Selenitic Age.

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