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Ron's Vinyl Page

My Favorite Things About Vinyl...

It's my lifestyle, not a fashion statement
It's involving... the flipping, cleaning and anticipation while the stylus lowers...
The jacket's artwork are HUGE compared to ceedees
... and how does one define 'nostalgia' when one hasn't left it behind?

Wanna see more pics of my 'toys'? Follow the linkies ... but 'siam ah!!'... large files ahead!

My History?? (under construction)
My System
An Old English Clunker
A German Spinner
What's with these SMEs...
Restoring a classic
Hardware details for the geeks...
Sing me an 'ol song, Teresa...
My 'baby' found a new home...

Stuffs for Sale (time to cleanup!)

Thank you for visiting my pile of 'junk'. I hope you'll enjoy the pics!.

Created 021118 / Updated 021128