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My Garrard 301

Garrard 301 Schedule 1 (grease bearing) mounted on butcher block with SME 3012/Denon DL-103 MC cart. Stepup is via a Marcof Electronics PPA-1 prior to SoundValves VTP-101 tubed pre-amp (mod outboard PSU). The Marcof is a Dual-Mono design, powered by 2x9v batteries. The Denon is my FIRST MC and I'm wondering why I didn't do it sooner.... it's helluva sweet, especially with female vocals!!! The 3012 tonearm is temporary mounted to a MDF armboard (meant for a TD125!). A 9gm Audio Technica headshell is matched to the DL-103. I'm looking forward to upgrading the 301 with a customized Martin Bastin mass loaded, hernia-inducing multi-ply plinth!!

another large view of the 301

Next Stop....

The Denon DL103 MC cart (under construction!)
Stepping up to a Marcof
An idea for the plinth
she cleans, she sucks, she...
the rest of the hardware

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