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Marantz CD63Ki ... my 'ceedee' player

At the bottom of the 'pile' is what provides my background music, for casual listening or ...
when I'm getting me fingers wet ... dunking my hands into aquariums!!

The 63KI replaced an aging (and konked out!) Philips CD-880 which I loved ...
for it's SOLID built, cool looks and non-fatiguing playback qualities.
There's a good number of pics of this Belgium gal
which ought to tell you what I think of 'her'.


A new interconnect was just made to hook up the 63Ki to SoundValves Preamp using Koltz GY107 cables
and a unbranded "Locking RCA plugs".  It's a short half-metre but that's more than enough.

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Created 021124 / Updated 021129