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Classic Japanese motorcycle restorations.

Classic Japanese motorcycle restorations.

March 2002.
This site was first published in October 1999 when not many people actually knew what a website was and it ran for over 2 years under the Tripod name and later Tripod/Lycos, I spent over 100 hours building the site and learning the code as I went along and had over 6,000 hits, then they removed it and all the links to it, no explanation was given and my e-mails that I sent for help were ignored (thanks very much Tripod/Lycos) so here we are again, very close to the original layout but brought up to date in January 2016.

WARNING!... This site may contain nuts.

This is a recent photo of myself but I just can't remember where it was taken?

Hello people of the world and welcome to the pages I have built mostly regarding my classic Japanese motorcycle restorations. This site first covered my return to biking with a new Honda Hornet in 1999 closely followed by two other modern motorcycles. It also covered the cars I'd owned but recently I've had to condense the site because of size restrictions so I decided to concentrate on the restorations of my rare show winning classic Japanese motorcycles for all to see, please excuse the adverts as they are beyond my control.

The Honda Hornet at a quiet Rivington Top Barn during the week.

I traded my beloved new Honda Hornet that brought me back to biking, but for what you may ask? (click 'New Bike' link at the bottom of the page).

NEWS FLASH,We move house from the North West of England to South Wales with a relocation package from my employer.

This 1976 Kawasaki KH400 A3 was my first restoration that grew into a more serious restoration as it drew attention wherever I rode it.

Rare Japanese restorations now became a passion.

Yes my Kawasaki 76 KH400 A3 is the actual bike that was chosen by the publishers to front the cover of "The Kawasaki Triples Bible".

My second restoration, Suzuki RE5A overlooking the road into Brecon South Wales .

Suzuki RE5M restored and on my drive.

Suzuki Stinger T125 overlooking the Rhonda valley.

Bridgestone 350 GTR close to home.

Kawasaki MT1B on the meadow.

Another but earlier Bridgestone 350 GTR on display in the conservatory.

My latest (2017/18) restoration parked in the conservatory the Honda CB450 K5.
Restored to a very high standard with occasional riding in mind.

Restorations covered below.

New Bike! New Bike! See what I got next
Charlie and Jimmy at Rivington Barn
Me leading at the Isle of Man TT
Bridgestone 350 GTR 1968
Suzuki RE5 A 1976
Suzuki Stinger T125 1972
Kawasaki KH400 A3 1976
Suzuki RE5 M 1975
Bridgestone 350 GTR 1967
Kawasaki MT-1B (KV75) 1974
Honda CB450 K5 1972
Kawasaki KH400 A3 and how I got the restoration bug