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Bridgestone 350 GTR

Classic Japanese motorcycle restorations.

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This advertisement is what you would have seen in the center pages of popular motorcycle magazines or as a dealer brochure during 1967/8. Another advertisement claimed that the Bridgestone 350 GTR was the most advanced motorcycle ever built at the time but most motorcyclists have never heard of it or seen one and yes it is the same company we all know today for making tyres.
ブリヂストン 350 GTR
My first of two Bridgestone 350 GTR restorations.

As you can see this 1968 Bridgestone 350 GTR is not a bad example to start a restoration, seems to be all there but has dulled over the years and is a non runner.

First thing was to get the engine running using an adapted can as a fuel tank and fitting a new battery, points and plugs. It fired into life with just a few kicks after standing for probably over 40 years.

The engine was stripped right down for cleaning and checking with no problems found that would warrant any detailed explanations on this page.

Everything good and back together, the labyrinth 'O' ring was replaced on the crank.

With the engine back in the freshly powder coated frame the marked timing gears shown here are one of the most discussed settings when focusing on the ignition timing after an engine strip down as the manual is a little confusing on this subject.

The engine side cases were finished using a filler/primer and given a good rub down, next a metalic silver and then finally given a few coats of lacquer. Every original chrome part was re chromed by '', this included the wheel rims and tank. The front mudguard is stainless steel.

The newly re chromed tank and side panels were painted locally by Willis, a work of art. Tel. 01446 793700 South Wales.

Every original fastener and other pieces bright zinc plated using a do it your self home kit.

Almost there now, any NOS or refurbished pieces are being fitted to the GTR.

Well that seems to be it, the completed Bridgestone 350 GTR restoration. With final testing and fine tuning the GTR got an MOT, was registered and is ready to be used and shown, another rare and collectable Japanese motorcycle saved.

And this is partially what it's all about, winning here at a local classic car/bike show. The GTR went on to be shown at seven well known classic bike shows and only failed once to get an award.

The most prestigious Stafford Classic Motorcycle Show awarded the bike 'Second Best 60s'.

I like it.

Bike sold to collector October of 2014.


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