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One Light 13kb
Kryptonite 54kb
All Apologies 22kb
Come Around 25kb
Blew 36kb
Black Hole Sun 52kb
Discovery Channel 33kb
Bohemian Rapsody 34kb
Cats In The Cradle 11kb
We Are The Champions 39kb
Come As You Are 17kb
Arms Wide Open 62kb
Higher 94kb
Don't Speak 59kb
Enter Sandman 58kb
Voodoo 05kb
Heartbox 34kb
Ironman 19kb
Lithium 19kb
Push 34kb
Battery 76kb
Nothing Else Matters 24kb
Unforgiven I 54kb
Unforgiven II 33kb
November Rain 31kb
Ode To The Family 35kb
Original Prankster 46kb
One 72kb
People 24kb
Silver 21kb
Sweet Dreams 39kb
Teen Spirit 59kb
Territorial Pissings 28kb
Man Who Sold The World 29kb
Under The Bridge 20kb
Vr-cr-vr 58kb