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Welcome to Rapidfire3k Internet Resources, which may also commonly be referred to as R3k. I hope you all enjoy the new look, yes another new look. However, this look is one that I have worked on for quite awhile and feel is the best that I have been able to produce. And if you have been here before you know that the best is exactly what R3k is all about. R3k is here to provide you the aspiring webmaster all the best graphics, midis, web tools, and links to help sites that the internet has to offer. Most of R3k will now be centrally based here with my old friends @ Angelfire. But, until I am able to learn CGI a few things will branch off for now. This should not effect your browsing at all.   

Also,  within the next few months R3k will be moving to it's own .com (Domain). During this transfer I truly hope that with this final move to our own .com (Domain) I do not loose any of you my past patrons. I will have leader pages wherever there was once an index for Rapidfire3k. So welcome to in my opinion the new and improved R3k.  We currently have somewhere in the around 550 jpg's at R3k Graphics pages, 300 midi's at FancyMidi, and of course the absolute best links... So please keep your eyes open for the changes and Enjoy!

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If you are an artist of one of the graphics or mids found on my site please read the Disclaimer page at the link shown above...  

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