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The Impala Farm Worldwide Link

The Impala Farm Worldwide Link

Welcome to the new Impala Farm Worldwide Link. I hope to have a link on this page to every worthy 77-90 B-body website in the world eventually. As I discovered that webring did not suit the interests & needs of fellow enthusiasts like myself I decided to come up with my own page & navigation graphic that would. The graphic, which I call a "navwindow" can be seen & used at several pages on this site and offers instant navigation links to this page and The Auto Farm Portal. Please note that this is ABSOLUTELY NOT a webring. Noone's site listed here will be deleted if you choose not to post the navwindow on your site, and I guarantee this page to work better than a webring! There's simply no time to waste on problems arising from whether you have a "navbar" on your site or not when the objective is saving rare & endangered GM vehicles in my opinion. The HTML for the World Link navwindow can be downloaded simply by clicking on the button near the bottom of this page. When you click on the button, it will display the Navwindow alone in the upper left corner of your browser. Right-click on the window, then left-click on "View Source". Then highlight, copy & paste the entire HTML text anywhere into any page on your site that you choose. Please e-mail me right away if you have any problems with the navwindow or if you see a link to your site on this page and would like it removed. I'd also like some feedback about the navwindow from anyone that has tried it on their site, so just let me know. Just please be kind & constructive with criticism & suggestions, this is my first attempt at anything like this! Now let's get down to the links:

You'll notice that there are a couple of sites about later 9C1s you can access here, namely
Dennis Boyle's and Caprice Classic dot com as there are older B-body vehicles featured there and I feel that a couple of newer B-body inclusions are warranted, especially these beauties.
Sverre's Caprice Homepage A gorgeous 77 Caprice Classic Aerocoupe in Norway.
Bo and Pete Two beautiful 89 Caprice Classic sedans in Sweden.
The Cruise Brothers of The Netherlands, this link will take you to a beautiful Caprice Landau Aerocoupe, hit the "up" arrow for more B-bodies as well as tons of incredible American musclecars.
Shawn's rare 87 Caprice Classic Landau Coupe, one of 3,110 built.
Buick B-bodies are probably BEST represented by Jim Haase's site.
Brian Roger's frame-off resto of a 77 Caprice Classic Aerocoupe
Skuz's mint blue 1989 9C1
The 77-90 Caprice Club of The Netherlands
1 BAD 88, 1 NICE 88 Finally an Oldsmobile link, and boy what a pair! Would the person or persons responsible for these two incredible Deltas please contact me? I can't stop drooling!
Automotive Links Dot Com is where you should go if you don't find what you're looking for here, it's a seemingly endless links page.
Hans Tore Tangerud's American Car Site in Norway. A nice big collection of old brochures & ads with tons of pictures of all American vehicles.
R. Cedergren's 89 Caprice Classic. I strongly urge Caprice lovers to visit this page, and bring a drool bucket.
Orn's 87 9C1
CD Smalley's 89 9C1 & 86 Caprice Classic Sedan
Roger Larsson's showroom condition 1977 Caprice Classic Sedan
Here's two great dual exhaust ideas; Idea #1 involves a y-pipe with single catalytic converter into dual mufflers, while Idea #2 is a true dual exhaust system with two cats.

You'll notice that many links include their respective U.S. state or country flags. If you see a link to your site here without it's flag and would like it there please e-mail me with your location and I will gladly include your flag in your link. Drop into this page frequently as I will be adding more & more links as I run across them. Happy B-body surfing!

Please click on this button to download the World Link navwindow.

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