Integrity and Character Theme

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Great collection of Information on Watergate from the Washington Post

Iran-Contra Affair at Wikipedia

CNN Timeline of the Clinton Scandals

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In this theme we will delve into the American definition of integrity and character by exploring times of great American integrity and character, as well as moments when integrity and character were found wanting.

One major requirement of this theme will be a community service activity that you will carry out with a group of team members.  This is a chance for you to demonstrate your personal integrity and character. You will be asked to spend between 6-7 hours actively addressing a need that you have identified in our community.  On Monday, February 27th, you will create a PowerPoint presentation that recounts your activities and on Tuesday, February 28th each pair will present their PowerPoint to the team.  Click here for more information on this activity.

Online Assignment (due March 6th)
We're not doing this in 2007

This assignment will provide you with an opportunity to take a closer look at integrity and character in American History and Literature.  Please visit at least four of the sites listed below (at least one of them must be a literary figure) and then write a focused piece explaining how the information on the sites helped you better define American integrity and character. 

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Historical Figures Literary Figures
Benjamin Franklin Harriet Tubman Mark Twain
Lewis and Clark Joe Hill & Faces of Protest Upton Sinclair
Florence Kelley Theodore Roosevelt Henry David Thoreau
Herbert Hoover Dwight Eisenhower Langston Hughes
Jackie Robinson Jimmy Carter  
Emmett Till at PBS    

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