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.:My Story


Screw Werner

My Story

Considering Werner's privileged use of the QualComm System (paperless logs), there is no indication that Werner is bearing any wholesome fruit. If you want reconciliation with Werner Enterprises you must take Werner to court. If the legal records are any indication of Werner's negligence, Werner is indeed accountable; Werner does kill.

I receive no pleasure from recording the facts. I take no pride in besmirching Werner Enterprises. I do not have an endless amount of time to work on WernerScrews. My current occupation keeps me plenty busy. I have received NO money from outside companies or organizations. The opinions contained in the Blog section are my own. I want the site to be useful and concise. I have not been in Werner's world for many years and it is the contributions of victims and former drivers that fuels this site. Thank you very much!

Werner Enterprises is an intransigent company powered by aggression and greed. I can say with confidence that Werner Enterprises was the worst company I ever worked for. I urge NO ONE to take my word for it. Search the web and ask other drivers. If you think Werner is a great company to work for, by all means fill out an application! Post your positive experience here. The past is a good indication of the future. 70+ people have had a negative experience with Werner Enterprises. The newspaper articles also show a similar trend: WernerScrews. Stay Safe.

Former Werner ID# 304882

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