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WenerScrews has assembled a wealth of information concerning Werner Enterprises. This is not ALL the information, however the information is sufficient to form an opinion.

WernerScrews has not included Lexus/Nexus legal information. The results are not shocking. Numerous legal cases have been waged against Werner Enterprises. Key grievances include compensation, payment of benefits and the compensation of a victim’s family.

Werner Enterprises has some serious ethical problems.

1. Employee treatment. Go to Links and Post for specific examples.

2. Breech of contract. If you sign a contract on a Werner Enterprises letterhead, make sure you have a good attorney. A Werner signature and handshake mean nothing.

3. The continuation of unsafe practices despite overwhelming data. The SafeStat rankings and the WernerScrews Chart reiterate this fact.

4. An aggressive culture that rewards reprobation and breeds fear. Drivers who have voiced unfavorable opinions of Werner Enterprises have been investigated and harassed. Werner Enterprises will go to great lengths to keep a positive image. Several hired employees work the Internet forums and Google groups; once a negative comment is posted, the hired guns fire-up their keyboards and tell another story. If driver DID not work for Werner, they have no idea how Werner works. A driver that claims Werner Enterprises is the greatest company maybe hired as a good-will ambassador and is not a typical Werner driver. Talk with as many current Werner drivers--who are in the trenches--and paint your own picture.

5. Werner’s monolithic All-White Male Board of Directors. A lack of diversity has created an insulated business perspective. That type of business model may have worked in the late 1950’s, but not in the 21st Century. Werner Enterprises also wants their drivers to remain isolated and removed from information; the QualComm and a dispatcher provide all the information.

6. C.L. Werner is an avid hunter. This by itself is not a problem, but C.L. Werner doesn’t draw a line between the hunt and the modern work place. Werner Valley Ranch and the company he runs are very similar. When I drove in 2001, the names of Werner drivers—who died in collisions--were on display at various terminals; at Werner Valley Ranch, a mount of an exotic white bison is on display.

Any information concerning Werner Enterprises is always appreciated.

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