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This photo shows what your motor will look like after you remove all the crap attached to the intake manifold. In this case, I bit the bullet and purchased a Weber 32/36 progressive Carbuetor along with the Subaru adapter. Not a cheap item but at this point I didn't know any better. I don't pay $350 any more for a good carburetor. I go to Ebay and find Re-manufactured Holly or Carter old school single bbl carbs usually designed to fuel the older 6 cylinder motors found in many of the early 70's and earlier model cars. If you go this way, look for a Carb that was used on the smallest 6 cylinder motopr you can find. You should be able to find one for less than $100. This motor is ready to install. Of course you'll need the adapter plate to bolt it up to your VW transmission. Kennedy Engineered Products is the place to get it. You will pay $500 plus shipping, but its well worth the cost. High quality item that will work like it was meant too. Be sure to tell Kennedy what motor you are using and what transmission you are adapting to so you get the right one.