Version 1.12
stAllIOnized KeyLogger
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Release Notes


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skl0g logs the keystrokes to c:/windows/system/windowskj.log. When run, starts keylogging. To stop logging, 4 times key and 1 time . To again start, 4 times key and 1 time and so on... Runs invisibly as "winsystem". Coded in Visual Basic 6. Therefore needs msvbvm60.dll. It uses the GetASyncKeyState API Call. Originally compiled as klow.exe. Gives the letters as they are typed. All known standard keys supported. Gives date and time logging has started, ended.. Makes a key in the registry and restarts everytime the computer is put on. If you find any bugs, please contact me at and I would really appreciate it.


To Stop the current program, do the following:
1. ctrl + alt + del. select "winsystem" and click on "end task".
2. Go to C:\Windows\System and delete the foll. files: ist2.exe and windowskj.log
3. Click on "Start" and then "Run". Type "regedit" and hit .
4. Then, Click in the following sequence on the left side tree menu:
  2. Software
  3. Microsoft
  4. Windows
  5. CurrentVersion
  6. Run
5. Next, on the right side table, click on "Version Information" and hit the delete key. You'll get a confirm delete prompt. Click on "yes".


New in version 1.12 from version 1.11:

Please Note: This version has been released really fast, i.e.
around 4 days after release of version 1.11. This is because
version 1.11 had 3 bugs, which have all been rectified.
I'm really sorry for the inconvenience(Really Sorry!).

Bug 1 Cleared: Can now be stopped from logging with key
Bug 2 Cleared: Can now be restarted to log with key
Bug 3 Cleared: Irritating "_key" addition with every non
letter key removed.

Smaller key check for using slightly lesser system resources.

New in version 1.11 from version 1.06:

Can support all standard keys.
Is case sensitive and supports shift key.
To stop logging, 4 times key instead of .
Code made smaller to compile smaller size exe.


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