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This page is dedicated to my friends and classmates. They have helped and supported me from practically anything. If your not in the list and if you really want to be part of it, hmmm....we'll see....

Atalia: Dude, since elementary we have known each other to this day. I can never forget you, my best buddy. Middle school, the senior band, those horrible memories, can't forget that right. Keep reaching for the stars, and keep drawing your anime. I don't think anyone can match your artistic talents, (well except me of course J/P)...Never can forget you...

My brother, Jay: You little punk, although you tick me off half the time, you probably are one of the reasons why I wanted to get better at many things. You said I sucked ass in designing a website, and look at it now. Because your nursery-rhyme trash-talk, I got motivated in to designing this. Just wanna say that you will never be better at the Guitar than me. MWAHAHA!! Still, you can burn anyone in the Bass. So don't complain...

High School Bud, Mike: Damn man, since middle school you helped me out a lot. Your like a genius man. You pushed me to do better in school, and I still ended up pretty stupid....(OK so I'm exaggerating ^_^) Man high school those were the days, playin' Pusoy, perfecting the art of BS in English classes. I wish you the very best at UCSD. By the way remember these words of advice...The art of BS never fails...

Chess Master, Emil: Another genius...Not to mention a wrestling fanatic. You helped me improve in chess since 9th grade. Since then, I'm actually winning some matches against some tough players. Remember those days in Chess Club?? Those stupid fights over a chess match? They ended up really, really funny. You should know which one I'm refering to. Dude, destroy more people in chess.

Halo bums, Jonathan, Mike n LJ: You know just suck ass in the game. I managed to beat you alone....well, only once. You seriously need to get better strategies than what you did when you killed me the rest of the time we played. Mike, a former chess freak, now an IPR freak, and now a Halo hater. Dude what is up with that??? John, a better genius than the rest. LJ, who cares....hahahaha.

So-called sisters, Mindy and Christie: What to say, what to say....I dunno. How about those prom moments huh?? Aren't there any?? No seriously....j/p
those were the days. We still keep in touch via AIM, so we can still communicate and stuff. Mindy, the crazy one; Christie, the other crazy one (but nicer). Dude, remember, it was me...

Long time bud, George: A very long time indeed, from the beginning to the end, we helpped each other out of many situations, without knowing it. High school year is when you did your very best. I thought you didn't even need my help in classes. I'm serious man, you just slack off in class, I'm just there to slap some sense into your head. Just keep up with your studies.

Kam: Dude, when you gonna hook me up for free movies?? It was cool knowin' you and stuff. Best of luck in that technical school you were talking about. Remember, I am the king of Beatmania....mwahahaha...

Anime fanatic, Venus: You download too much anime!! ^_^' Although we haven't known each other that much, we became good buds. You got me into some new anime, especially those particular ones....(AHEM...hen___) j/p. I guess I'll be seeing you in the Anime Expo 2003 soon...

Shouts to Other People...

Bernice, Joy, Gil, Marco, Jonathan, Christine C., Christine S., Joseph, Jasmin, Gian, Michael C., Daniel, Eugene, Nolana, Lancette, Kaycee, Krysthel, Camille, Nancy, Melissa, Leroy, Dave, Linda, R. Jay, Nick, Daniel, Dylan, George, John, Tracy, Josh, Chris, Gerald, Oleg, Richard, Lester, Michelle, Leo, Javier, Harut, James, Ahmar, Sam, Soka, Jorge, Vivian, Brenda, Lizzy, Cristabel, Kurt, Randall, Rodney, Pedro, Ryan, Kevin