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Ok People, this is what many people have been wondering. Are there any Beatmania games for the PC? Well actually, there are several that I know of. One of them is called BM98, and the other is MixWaver.

Recommended System Requirements For BM98 & Mixwaver:
 Windows 95 or better
 DirectX 5.0 or better
 5MB (Emulator Itself)

The program is in .zip format. It's best if you use Winzip to run and support .zip files. Unzip the file to --> bm98 <--. Next, when you get a song, extract the song to a new folder in bm98 (In other words extract to c:\bm98\new folder).

Next are the controls. Z, X, C are the white keys. S, D are the black/blue keys. The SPACE bar, RIGHT SHIFT can be use as the turntable button. These buttons are for the first player only. For the second player, N, M, "," are the white keys. J, K are the black keys.

Other things to mention are that most songs contain a .bms file, which the emulators recognize the song and stuff. If you have questions in configuring the controls for BM98 or Mixwaver, try and figure it out because I don't know how to myself (The readme file and the instructions were in Japanese =\).

Title of Song Difficulty BPM Size
All Nite Long 2k2 ** (Easy)
***** (2P)
****** (Hard)
145 BPM 1.58 MB
All Pro ****** (1P)
****** (DP)
92 BPM 3.31 MB
Genom Screams **** (Easy)
****** (Hard)
********* (Spiritual Mix)
???? (Original)
150 BPM 1.83 MB
Liquidity **** (Easy)
???? (Another)
160 BPM 2.68 MB
Plasmasphere **** (Easy)
****** (Normal)
****** (7 Key)
****** (DP)
150 BPM 1.91 MB
Siphon ****** (Normal)
****** (DP)
130 BPM 759 KB

----->More to come soon!!<-----