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Welcome to my little website, people. This site is a sort of reflection of who and what I am. So far, it is practically empty; nothing to download, nothing to read, nothing at all. But I will make it the best because unfortunately, this site is also part of my project for school. In this site you can find information about the author of the site (that's me ^_^), information about some bemani games, some lyrics, some tablatures of songs, and links to some of my buddies' sites. I plan to add more stuff to the site once I get the site in order. Please sign my guestbook.

This site is always under construction...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Long time, since I've visited this site. Anyway, I know it's been a few years since I've done anything here. Don't worry, I plan on moving this site to another host. Once I do that, I will be uploading the songs that I've been saving. I have about at least 50 songs on file that I'm waiting to upload. Hopefully I can get all this done before the end of the year. I'm near by graduation from college and I'm still working a full-time job on top of that. I'll keep you posted....

Friday, January 9, 2004

My friend and I have created a message board. Come and check it out over here below.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2003

Dude, I am looong overdue for an update on this website. First off, it's been over a year since I've had this baby open. I've received over 4,000 visitors this past year. Damn, that's a lot of people coming in and coming out, feels cool. Anyways, I've been really busy up till now to put some updates here. I've taken off a few songs to put up some new ones in the near future. As some know, I'm a full-time student and a part-time employee so I'll do my best to upload this and that as best I can. I do more updates mostly on Xanga,, and HERE to enter my Xanga. I guess that'll be all for now. Later...

Friday, August 1, 2003

Hey everyone! How's everyone doing during this summer. If your on your summer vacation, you better enjoy. As for me, I've gone to summer school. For the record, my school goes three terms a year instead of the traditional two. So what's new on the site??? Nothing really lol. I just finally got internet connection at home, and I set the connection on a network so I can go on with my laptop. I did on up a Xanga account yesterday. I kinda rushed it because it was late at night and I had to work early the following morning. So if you wonder what I'm up to for the day just go there. Click HERE to enter my Xanga. I guess that'll be all for now. Later...

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

What's up, people!! A month has passed and I really haven't done much on the website. First off, I have NOOO internet connection at home as we speak, not even dial-up because our modem is pretty much nothing than a piece of junk. I will soon get DSL connection soon, most likely in about two weeks or so. And geez, it's pretty much boring without any internet connection. I can no longer chat at night for the time being. So what happen with me lately?? First off, I'm done with my Spring term at DeVry, and dude am I relieved. My statistics final is freaking HARD as hell. I was like DUDE, I have to think which of the million formulas to use @_@. But the rest were a breeze. I can say it's already a year of college, and it was actually not bad at all. So far, so good. Well I'll be out for now. I'm usually online in the morning cuz I get internet access from work ^_^ so contact me there or whatever. Ok, Ja!


Wednesday, May 7, 2003

Hello people!! A while since my last update. Hmmm....where should I begin??? Well for starters, I will upload one song sometime by this weekend for Beatmania. I will force myself to take down some of the songs I have online for extra webspace. Next up, I will make another website dedicated to an anime, Initial D...well maybe. So what have I been doing lately??? I guess the usual: work, school, and yes...more work -_-. As of this moment, I'm trying to network my internet connection for my laptop and my PC. So far....I just plain suck at this kind of sh....(oopS). So yes, people, sometime this month I'll have "something" done on this site. Well I'm out for now....

Sunday, March 23, 2003

What's up, party people!! I got a little bored today, so I uploaded one song for Beatmania. You must wonder what is going on with me right?? Well for starters, I've just started my Spring Term at DeVry, still I'm going part time, but geez it's beginning to be a drag. The only reason is that one of my teachers is just not any good at teaching. Surely it's his first time. But DUDE, he needs to work on that. But anyway, work has also been needing my help. About a quarter of my department hasn't showed up for work for a few days, so I've been working a few extra hours to help out my department as well as others. Geez, I'm already getting sick as it is. I've been this cranky for about two weeks now, and I'm still am, heheheh. I must be better by the end of the week, it's payday, my friend's birthday, and I have a little jam session with my cousins for their relative's birthday. So yah that should be it. *Whew...Ok I'm gone....Ja na!!

Sunday, February 24, 2003

Hello, all!! Sorry for the updates during the past month. I have been preparing for finals next week.... supposedly. This past Friday was probably my most painful day at college. I had two of my reports due today, and I had all of them completed three days before its due date, and I have saved them on my laptop. The next thing you know, my printer at home did not work unfortunately. So, on Friday I went to the school's Computer Lab and hooked up my laptop to their LAN so I can e-mail it to myself and receive it on a workstation. And guess what....It didn't work >=/. Next I headed to the library and see if i had any luck. But dude, still nothing. Probably at around 9:00am my Electronics class was already expect my term paper, and I was in a tight spot. Luckily I heard him say by the end of the day, he would still be accepting papers. So instead of running to different places to to send it to a workstation. I've decided to just retype my term paper. It was a miracle that I charged up my battery in my laptop so I simply typed off whatever I did. After 15 minutes of nonstop typing I finally was able to turn it in. What a relief, huh?? Well, not yet...I still had to retype my second report for my second class in the next hour. So yep...another 15 minutes of friggin typing. And *whew, I finally got that finished so then I can relax until then....well maybe not. Then I remembered that I got a Math Quiz I had to submit by the beginning of class -_-'. So then, I was too lazy to think about how to solve it, so I kinda rushed and recklessly answer it bla bla bla. Gahh...What a day...After school, I then went to work for 4 hours. I have been relieved that I wasn't given as much work as I expected, so I "kinda" dozed off for a bit. Well after I went to the Arcade and played "Initial D: Arcade Stage" to relieve my long day of non stop work. So yah there's a novel of my day this past Friday. Once finals are over, I'll begin to update more again. Ja na....

Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Wishin' all of you a Happy Holidays and a happy New Year's.

Friday, December 13, 2002

Hello everyone!! Long time no update. I have uploaded another Beatmania song, called Liquidity. This one is 7-key, making this one more challenging. Hopefully by tomorrow I will post up more links for more Beatmania mayhem. Right now I'll out for awhile, it's my b-day today...nyahaha. Sign my guestbook and wish me a happy b-day...