Homebrewn Nintendo Games

Solar Wars
Author(s): Chris Covell
Date: 1999
Current status: Complete
Homepage: Solar Wars

Very few people have achieved the dream of most Nintendo fans: Creating A Homebrewn Nintendo Game. Chris Covell was one of the first to create a homebrewn Nintendo game, known as Solar Wars. Solar Wars is a fun space game where you and another player take turns shooting bombs? at each other's space vehical, trying to hit the other vehical. You have to go through many planets. Solar Wars was one of the first homebrewn Nintendo games, and it is a very fun game to play.

Author(s): Johannes Holmberg
Date: 2000?
Current status: Complete
Homepage: Sokoban

A few years after the sucess of Solar Wars (read above), another dude named Johannes Holmberg decided to take a shot at creating a homebrewn Nintendo game. Sokoban is basically a clone of the Gameboy game Boxxle. The object of Sokoban is like this: There are six (6) red boxes which you try to move into the little + sign things in the room. Once this is done, you advance to the next stage. As you progress through the game, the levels get increasing harder. The game seems alittle small as for the sprites and such, but still fun nonetheless.

Zero Pong
Author(s): Zero Soul
Date: ?
Current status: Complete
Homepage: n/a

Remember Pong, that simple yet classic game? I sure do. Thinking back on it now, I am surprised that Pong never made it onto the Nintendo system. The closest thing to pong was Block Ball, a Tengen game included for free in the Klax cartridge. A guy who goes by zero soul made this game named Zero Pong for Nintendo. The game is simple enough: the left and right buttons control the movement of the top and bottom paddles and the up and down buttons move the left and right paddles up and down. Although simplistic, Zero Pong is a fun game to play. The use of four paddles makes Zero Pong a little more challenging than regular pong but challenges are good in the Nintendo world. You can get Zero Pong for free at NES Dev. They have plenty of good articles about technical Nintendo things.

Author(s): Johannes
Date: ?
Current status: Beta
Homepage: Pong

Pong seems to be the popular game for homebrewers to do on Nintendo. This is yet another pong game, this one is done by a Johannes. This version of Pong is still in the production works but it has good potential if worked on some more.

Time Conquest
Author(s): Demo & EFX
Date: 1998
Current status: Cancelled
Homepage: n/a

Remember Demo, the guy which made the program ZSNES? Well before ZSNES he and EFX both had plans of a homebrewn Nintendo game, probably the first attempt at homemaking a Nintendo game. The game they planned was Time Conquest, a prehistoric Zelda inspired game.

The story was as follows: "Year 2001, The world which once flourished with life is now gone. Only a military expert can save it. Scientists have developed a Time Travel device. They need a strong, well trained person to test the machine and to rescue the world from its destiny. You John are world's last hope and your own hope. So begins your quest."

Time Conquest's over world seemed pretty complete after I tested it out. The graphics look pretty cool for a homebrewn Nintendo game. From volcanoes to palmtrees, it was all pretty much there.

Sadly, Time Conquest will probably never see a finished state. Demo took up other projects and when he went back to work on Time Conquest, he totally forgot how to read the code so he dropped the project. It's a sad thing too, for Time Conquest looked like it would have been one heck of a game if completed.